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6 Dangerous K-Pop Dance Moves


Idols willingly put their health at risk to perform for us, the loyal fans, and we are extremely thankful that they do! In fact, in just the dance numbers alone, idols risk severe injury in exchange for amazing showmanship and on-stage presence. From flips to gymnastics, jumps to lifts, these idols risk their physical well-being to give us an awe-inspiring performance. Here are 6 dangerous K-Pop dance moves that wow us every time:

6. 10 Out Of 10 - 2PM

Junho injured himself doing a backflip for "10 Out Of 10" fairly badly by not landing the final rotation of his flip. This prompted the rest of 2PM to quickly run to his aid. This is a good example of the dangers related to the performative aspects of K-Pop that we tend to overlook when idols practice and when they actually perform and promote.

5. Rollin' - Brave Girls

6 words: Why are the chairs so shaky? The choreography for "Rollin'" isn't the most outrageous, but the props utilized make us nervous when watching the performances! This particular special choreography video shows just how finicky and unbalanced the chairs can be despite how low to the ground they are.

4. Everybody - SHINee

Despite how many times SHINee has performed "Everybody," Taemin's landing after being thrown in the air still startles fans every time! He has a dramatic landing, so fans are prone to worrying about him injuring himself on the way down, however SHINee, being the experts they are, have been able to pull off this dance for years with minimal damage to their bodies.

3. Don't Tease Me - SPEED

At precisely 2:39, we see an incredible display of athleticism from SPEED with all members carrying one member underneath another doing a flip! The group has clearly practiced this dance a lot to pull it off with such quickness and ease because the dangers associated with something of this nature are really high and Sungmin's backflip makes their choreography look effortless.

2. First Love - After School

After School's "First Love" performance has an entire aerial routine interwoven in. The dance and performance number was so dangerous that Lizzy was out for the entire beginning portion of promos for this release due to injuring herself during rehearsals! Even NaNa had a small accident during promotions.

1. Dance Intro -  NCT 127

When NCT 127 performs live, they now have a new dance intro where the members jump high into the air and land on their knees and shins. Just watching the performance makes us feel knee pain we didn't know we had. Especially when we watch Taeyong slam his legs on the stage like it's nothing. The fellas must be sporting gnarly leg bruises from practicing this dance intro.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Most dangerous K-pop Outfit:


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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Impressive performances -

we need to remember (or realize), though, that making idols dance (if not outright perform gymnastics routines) during their songs can be very dangerous, not just from the occasional slip and fall.
Plus rehearsing on a daily basis leaves its marks - just check out any fan or professional K-pop candid photos of, say, Irene from Red Velvet, or the G-Friend girls, or Taeyeon back in the day in the weeks leading up to any comeback, the bruises are all over their knees, shins and calves - they look like somebody beat them up with a baseball bat.

Also, I've said elsewhere before, I'm sad thinking of just a (relatively) few years down the road when people will see "former" idols going about their daily routines near where they live in Gangnam and elsewhere, walking with a cane, a walker, or worst-case scenario, riding seated in an electric scooter because they really CAN'T walk anymore due to having destroyed much of the cartilage in their knees and ankles (not to mention damaging their hip joints, too). I will always remember seeing the in-studio video clip from a year or two back from Sunny's radio show; after her guests had left she got slowly to her feet, almost fell over, and then hobbled toward the door like a 90-year-old lady - one of her assistants came toward her with a very concerned look on her face, but Sunny waved her off with a "no-it's-okay-I'm-fine" gesture....which she obviously wasn't, she was really in pain. Her knees have pretty much been wrecked from all the constant rehearsing and performing with SNSD through the years - that took a big toll on her. She just turned 30 this May; I can't imagine how bad it'll be for her in just another 5 years.



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