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YG Entertainment Used B.I's Song In Eun Jiwon's New Album Without Crediting Him and #CreditHanbin Is Trending #1 WorldWide


On 27 June YG Entertainment has just released Sechskies member Eun Jiwon's solo album's preview. There is a song in the album which is called "Worthless". In the teaser poster, the lyrics credits include just Eun Jiwon and written as composed by only Millennium.

However iKON's fans revealed that "Worthless" composed and written by B.I with full demo version. B.I have always shared his unreleased songs as demo which are written and composed by himself from his soundcloud account or Vlive broadcasts for his fans. "Worthless" was one of these tens of songs that he shared full version on December 2017. Fans realised even the lyrics of the preview are %100 same with B.I's demo.

In the past B.I said that he shouldn't show his demos/songs and hoped no one would know about that; however he wanted to make fans happy with taking risks. Most probably, the company didn't know that B.I shared this song before with fans, so they didn't give him credits.

Earlier YG Entertainment did the same action towards to B.I. In 2016 even if B.I was co-lyricist of BLACKPINK's "Whistle", company didn't give him credit on the official posters. After a while, KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association) gave him credits as lyricist, then fans learned about that thanks to KOMCA.

Now, fans are angry at YGE to not put his name even if he isn't a YG artist in the company. They thought this action is rude and disrespectful to a songwriter and say B.I's all demos are precious to his fans, so YGE should respect that.

Some say that if they think B.I's name would affect the artist performing the song, they shouldn't put this song in the first place and if they put the song, they should be respectful to the producer who worked for it.

Fans also point out that B.I was always respectful to even the inspirers in his songs. In the past, B.I inspired just 3 lines from a poem for Love Scenario. And he put this poet MotMal name in credits, people were shocked he gave him credit just because of that.
Fans started a hashtag #CreditHanbin on Twitter and made it #1 on World Wide trends beside United States, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and more. Also it was #8 on Korea trends.

Some Knetz also reacted to this in Naver articles that B.I should be credited on the 4th song.

You can listen Eun Jiwon's preview and B.I's demo below, then you can realise how these two are exactly are the same.

What do you think about that? Do you think it's rude to B.I to not putting his name as a songwriter?

You can listen the full version of B.I's demo below.

Here, some of his fans' reacts to this situation on Twitter:

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Nini_panini34 pts Thursday, June 27, 2019 1
Thursday, June 27, 2019

Hanbin needs to be credited for his work. He didn't give up sleep, eating and having fun just so they would use his hard work without even crediting him.


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NanaBae274 pts Thursday, June 27, 2019 8
Thursday, June 27, 2019

YG is trash. What's new?


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