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Police explain there's not enough evidence to continue investigation into B.I's drug scandal


Police have explained there's not enough evidence to continue an investigation against B.I's drug scandal.

On June 18, the second deputy director of Suwon's District Prosecutor's Office Lee Soo Kwon responded to questions about why prosecution did not continue with an investigation into B.I. He stated, "At the time, the police only forwarded the case about 'A' (Han Seo Hee), who exchanged KakaoTalk messages with B.I suggesting the purchase of drugs. B.I was not a target of investigation. The prosecution questioned 'A' once, but the questioning did not proceed smoothly because she kept crying. B.I was not mentioned during questioning."

The second deputy director also stated the prosecutor's office received a 2-page internal investigation report including B.I's name from police. He claimed the prosecution did not carry out their own investigation as this meant police were conducting their own investigation. The police have stated Han Seo Hee testified she did not deliver drugs to B.I, the allegations against him were invalid and closed the investigation.

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Candy_Crush2,016 pts Tuesday, June 18, 2019 3
Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The title and the content is misleading.

This statement by the police states why 2016's investigation was not proper.

2019's investigation has just begun and no one knows who is guilty yet.

Check this proper article by Soompi:



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TwiddleMeThumbs847 pts Tuesday, June 18, 2019 13
Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Don't know why I even expected anything else than a denial of any wrong-doing.

Doesn't address at all why the police did nothing between 22 and 30 Aug.

Or why the prosecution chose to "not carry out their own investigation" even as it notes Seo Hee was crying and seem manipulated by the accompanying lawyer.


The police when queried by Seo Hee’s current Lawyer Bang said her initial statements and chatlog evidence do not exist, as they were not recorded nor kept because they were ‘private conversations’ made during investigation.

KBS contradicted their claim by exposing the fact not only did they have her initial statement and chatlog, that they also forwarded them on to the prosecutors, who decided not to act.

Question is why the prosecutors decided to ignore the report. If they had doubts about the merits of the case, did they ask the police investigators the simple questions of:

1. Did you at least question BI?

2. Did you request for a tox screen?

3. And if not, why did you not do so between 22 Aug 2016 when Seo Hee made her first & second statements implicating BI and, 30 Aug 2016 when she eventually changed her statement. Was a whole week insufficient time to invite BI in to assist with investigation?

It took Seo Hee a week to change her statement. What were the police doing in the meantime with a statement and chatlog as evidence on their hands?

Their one week inaction - especially given tox screens are time sensitive, and that this was a high-profile case - speaks volumes. Were they bidding time for outside forces to exercise their influence?

While the eventual prosecution and court proceedings should indeed be based on the final statement, previous statements and evidences are always kept. Police DO NOT discard evidence or trim investigation records to only serve the final charges.

Otherwise what good would re-opening cases do if all evidence previously overlooked were already discarded?

So where did Seo Hee's initial statements and chatlog evidence go?

Prosecutors chose not to ask questions.

Police chose to not investigate deeper, and eventually destroyed evidence.

Or so it seems to me.


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