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TWICE Sana's "Did You See" Video Goes Viral


TWICE's viral queen did it again.

TWICE's Sana blew up in 2016 during their group's first comeback "Cheer Up". Her adorable way of singing her part was so popular back then that her name almost became synonymous to "sha sha sha (shy shy shy)". Aside from becoming her signature aegyo, other idols and even the public began doing it too.

The year after, Sana did it once again when a clip of her during TWICE's guesting in the variety show Knowing Brothers went viral. During a segment where they played the whisper game, she was partnered with Jeongyeon and the moment she uttered the words "cheese kimbap", everyone including the hosts couldn't help but gush over the unexpected cuteness that came out of her.

Recently, a video of Sana taken during Idol Star Athletics Championships in 2018 resurfaced and created buzz online. Sana was captured playfully eating like her spirit animal shiba inu who excitedly wants to show a new trick and was making sure that her audience was attentive.

Here's the full video:

Some comments from Pannchoa:

THAT was adorable. She was literally like “Guys did you see it?” OMG that was cute. She’s like a little sister.


Throwback to Sixteen days when everyone were dancing or singing for their major-minor changing stage (correct me if I'm wrong) and this girl chose to make a mukbang.

Only Sana.

Chijeu kimbappp volume 2. She is so adorableeee

Ah I just might stan Twice now. I've been thinking about it for a long time now, but seeing the members' actions makes me consider it even more. They're soooooo adorable.


She was just born with that lol, I understand why even the devil could find her cute lol

The wind of Starlight:
This and the kimbap Cheese thing is really cute


Sana is literally the epitome of cute with no effort. I love her because she's just like a girl next door without trying so hard. No Sana. No life.

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she's so effortlessly cute lol



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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Sana is a viral queen



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