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JYP buying views for Stray Kids new music video? Netizens point out.


Netizens all over SNS sites are surprised to find Stray Kids new music video as an ad on YouTube. Stray Kids aren't the first JYP act to have their music video as an ad, previously Twice, GOT7 and Itzy have all their MVs played as an unskippable ad in front of random YouTube videos. Netizens ask if this is fair for other small agency artists who will be competing against JYP groupson music shows? Since YouTube views are a big criteria to win on music shows, JYP buying YouTube views should be considered as Sajaegi ( Chart Manipulation). Netizens also pointed out that the likes on JYPE videos are far less compared to their views, usually K-Pop MVs with high views have millions of likes, but since JYP views are bought they have fewers likes compared to other K-pop videos. 

It's not fair for other groups such as Cosmic Girls, fromis_9, ATEEZ etc. who rely on views to win on music shows. 

Netizens also pointed out Itzy's Dalla Dalla views to be highly inflated by ads, TXT who debuted around the same time have half the views as Itzy's Dalla despite having a huge international following.  Should JYP release a statement regarding this? What do you think about it? Is it fair?

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    DTRT7,317 pts Saturday, June 22, 2019 34
    Saturday, June 22, 2019

    When you accuse an agency of "buying" views, you're making a claim of sajaegi.

    Advertising is not sajaegi. It is a legitimate marketing strategy. If other agencies can't afford to advertise, that's not JYP's fault. JYP has no obligation to lower his standards if other agencies cant keep up with him.


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    Sunday, June 23, 2019

    Get your facts right. How desperate are YG stans to try to drag others into the realm of hell with them:

    " When it comes to paid advertising, view count of a video increases only when it’s clear that a viewer has made a choice to watch a video. For example, a viewer might make that intention known by clicking to watch a Promoted Video, opting-in to watch a TrueView in-stream ad, or playing a YouTube video embedded in a homepage ad. To be clear, with standard in-stream ads where a viewer has no choice in its selection, we do not increase the videos view count. "

    (source: YouTube Spokesperson via TechCrunch)

    'Opt-in' means viewer chose NOT to skip even tho they COULD. A view is counted only after at least 30s of the ad-MV has played, or if user clicked to view the MV itself. That means the ad-MV found someone interested. Only then is the view counted.

    When users skip it, it DOES NOT COUNT. And don't LIE ABOUT UNSKIPPABLE ADS when there is huge friggin' SKIP BUTTON there in your 'evidence' screenshots.

    THIS, is called digital marketing.

    THIS, is NOT view buying - that is when views and likes for a video are bought to pretend they came from genuine users/fans. And we all know who does THAT best.

    YG buys recording-breaking YouTube views & likes through underground click bots - which are so obvious because they are disproportional and don't match sales - to get free headlines and generate media hype. Others do legitimate paid advertising in the open. Not the same, TYVM.


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