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10 Kpop MVs and Songs that have LGBT themes


As June is pride month, let’s look at 10 amazing Kpop MVs that have LGBT themes. While Korea might not be extremely progressive, it didn’t stop some of these artists from producing music videos that touched on LGBT themes. All of these MVs are amazingly made and should definitely be celebrated!

1) MONSTA X - “All In”

"All In" is definitely a song that you need to watch the MV for because it is an absolute masterpiece. In this video, Hyungwon and Minhyuk are shown to be in a relationship and they face rejection from Hyungwon’s father because of it. However, despite the outright display of rejection and even abuse received because of it, the two never give up on their love and show affection to one another, even till the last scene where they are in a bathtub, holding hands together. What makes this song’s music video even more impactful was that it was released on May 17th which is the international day against homophobia, bi-phobia, and transphobia. Till today, it is still a mystery how this song didn’t get MONSTA X their first win because they deserved it!

2) LOONA’s Chuu - “Heart Attack”

One of the most supportive groups towards LGBT would definitely be LOONA and if you have not checked them out yet, you should definitely get on it! In the MV for ‘Heart Attack’, Chuu is seen doing many things in an attempt to get the attention of Yves because Yves has ‘attacked (her) heart’. The video is really powerful because the message is obviously showing a girl having a romantic on another girl and even states so in the video description. It amazes me that LOONA is out there spreading such beautiful, inspiring and empowering morals through their songs and videos!

3) Heechul and Kyung Hoon - “Sweet Dream”

This beautiful MV featuring Heechul, Kyung Hoon from Knowing Brothers, and Momo of TWICE depicts a very complicated love triangle. Heechul has a crush on Momo but Momo only has eyes for Kyunghoon. At the end of this comical music video, a twist is revealed when it is shown that all this time, Kyunghoon has had a crush on his fellow show mate, Heechul. This playful music video has managed to present LGBT to viewers in a lighthearted manner and should also be celebrated!

4) SISTAR - “One More Day”

This MV follows two girls who are in love with one another, one of who which is in an abusive relationship with a man. In the end, they team up to stand up to the man and kill him to finally be together. In a society that has a strong stance against same-sex relationships, it was a big risk for SISTAR to post an MV with such themes but the fact that still went ahead it is reason enough to stan them.

5) Holland - “I’m not afraid”

Holland is the first ever Kpop Idol to openly come out. This amazing song speaks about he’s ‘not afraid anymore’ and encourages people to stand with him in this fight for LGBT rights. His music video features an amazing representation of a gay couple, international couples, and racial diversity. Holland definitely deserves more recognition especially for his talent and his stance in working towards a more progressive society in Korea.

6) MAMAMOO - “Um Oh Ah Yeah”

In this video, MAMAMOO challenges gender roles where 3 of the members cross-dress as guys. Solar’s character falls for Moonbyul’s character, who Solar realizes is actually a girl at the end of the video. The girls also later spoke about the MV and said it was supposed to show people falling in love with another, regardless of gender. MAMAMOO consists of some amazingly supportive Queens!

7) Tenny - “159cm”

In this video, we see two girls fall in love with one another slowly, making each other happy and complete. However, there is a problem when they face strong rejection from one of the girls’ parents. While there are points in the MV where it looked like there would be a dark turn to the story, the MV has a happy ending. There is usually a (horrible) trend of violence and tragedy in LGBT romance stories, but the MV ends with the two of them happily being together, symbolizing hope. Tenny made an amazing song and an incredible MV to go with it.

8) Red Velvet - “Wish Tree”

This extremely beautiful music video by our queens Red Velvet depicts an extremely realistic situation when one friend falls for another friend of the same gender. In the MV, two friends spend Christmas together, one of which has a sadly unrequited crush on the other. The small looks and lingering touches show the unspoken pain of someone who knows that nothing will ever come from her love.  Red Velvet shows us in MVs like this one that you don't need to have many special effects or features to speak volumes.

9) Glam - “Party XXO”

Written by BTS’ leader Kim Namjoon, this song was definitely ahead of its time. The song contained lyrics that said “Are you a girl, are you a boy? I don’t care, passion is key”. The message here is clear and it shows an openness to love regardless of gender. The song is an absolute bop and knowing that is LGBT friendly just makes it that much better!

10) K.Will - “Please Don’t...”

This is one of the most iconic Kpop videos ever made and the reason behind it is the incredibly smart storyline and plot twists. The way the music video is shot, many people assumed the male lead in the video had a crush on his female friend and is upset about her wedding that is going to happen. When it is revealed at the end that the male protagonist actually had a crush on the male in the couple, it is mind-blowing! This video is a step in the right direction for helping to normalize LGBT in a society that is still very closed off to the idea of it. 

Do you know any other LGBT Kpop MVs? Link us in the comments below!

  1. Holland
  2. K.Will
  3. LOONA
  4. Chuu
  7. Red Velvet
  9. Heechul
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Hermand2,537 pts Monday, June 24, 2019 0
Monday, June 24, 2019

Please Don't will always be one of my favorite MV. The song is great and the video is mind blowing. K.Will is also one of the best in singing ballad.



LauraBebe3 pts Monday, June 24, 2019 0
Monday, June 24, 2019

I really love some of this songs and I'm glad that this artists are open about their opinions and support the movement. Also I completely agree with you, Monsta X's mv "All in" is really cool and the song is so good, I ask myself the same question, why did it not win!? What I see here is a trend from Starship though XD Monsta X, Sistar, K.Will are all under the same company. Well done Starship! You know how to choose your artists.



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