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Netizens LOL at the reason why MONSTA X's Minhyuk went live on 'V Live' yesterday


Did you happen to tune in to a 'V Live' broadcast on MONSTA X's official channel, featuring member Minhyuk back on May 3?

Well, the reason why Minhyuk decided to "go live" back on Friday night might make you LOL! It sure made other netizens laugh!

On the evening of May 3, MONSTA X's Minhyuk was seen leaving comments for Monbebes via the group's official fan community. You can read his hilarious comment thread below:

"Monbebe, are you watching Produce?
Did the Starship boys come out yet?
If they did, then you can stop watching now. 

I'm gonna go wash... I'm getting jealous so I'll be going...

Well, going now...

But if Jooheon finds out, he's going to be seriously jealous of Monbebe...

Please keep it a secret from Jooheon that you're watching...

If you keep watching it, I'm gonna go live.

I'm doing it forreal."

And then, a few minutes later, he actually "went live"! To boot, Minhyuk claimed that he only used his earlier comments about 'Produce X101' as an excuse because he wanted to go live anyway ^^.

Seeing Minhyuk's rant(?) thread and 'V Live' broadcast, the other MONSTA X members joined in on the chat with I.M commenting, "I believe in you," and Jooheon going, "What is all this kekekeke." 

Seeing Minhyuk's cute actions, netizens commented, "So funny kekekeke. Meanwhile he's looking out for fellow Starship boys", "His honest jealousy is so cute kekeke. Other idols, watch and learn and make sure to do tons of 'V Live's", "MONSTA X and their fans are seriously so cute getting all jealous kekekeke", "I'm a Monbebe and I was watching 'Produce' but then I got an alarm asking, 'Are you watching 'Produce'?' and it shocked me so bad kekekeke", "He's like an overly jealous younger boyfriend, so cute!", and more. 

Do you agree that MONSTA X may just be the K-Pop idols most gullible to "Jealousy"?

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natilly967 pts Saturday, May 4, 2019 0
Saturday, May 4, 2019

jealousy is officially minhyuk’s theme song!! ❤️👀💋



Lost_feather36 pts Saturday, May 4, 2019 0
Saturday, May 4, 2019

I watched the Live and he was so cute XD Glad I looked at my phone when I got the alarm. Someone on twitter said that he stated that he will go live again next Friday night :)) He is adorable.

Hyungwon joined him too at one point, but mainly as a background voice, he likes to hide XD



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