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Netizens Are Telling G-Dragon To Hurry Up With His Military Service Due To Barren State Of Fashion Trends



A trendsetter, a brilliant fashion icon, amazing singer / rapper / songwriter and of course the leader of the group BIGBANG. The KPOP superstar ,GDragon , with his unique sense of fashion has once again captivated the hearts of netizens despiteserving as an active duty soldier in the military.  Recently , netizens are asking for GD to return asap from his military service to continue the fashion trend that has stopped with the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers. GDragon's taste might seem weird for some while others are often labeling him as a trendsetter . Yes , anything he wears or touch becomes a trend ; like the mullet , pmo cap , his hairstyles and hair colours ?!!!!!!. Talk about the love-hate relationship between netizens and GDragon . Yeah , fashion is boring without the bold GDragon 😄. Gdragon is now continuing his service after receiving ankle surgery around May.

“Hurry up and get discharged G-Dragon. The trend stopped with the triple s and isn’t moving forward.”

“I want to see G-Dragon wearing AirPods. Would be so dope.”

“Wow yeah, I can picture him wearing customized red ones.”

“Wow..Just imagining it…in red..and making them glow.”

“I miss G-Dragon…Wish he’d hurry up and get discharged.”

“Triple S were really something new,,”

“When does G-Dragon get discharged..”

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* the original was written by kpopmap.com (https://www.kpopmap.com/netizens-are-telling-gdragon-to-hurry-up-with-his-military-service-due-to-barren-state-of-fashion-trends/)

The cd eating guy of the group with the another cd eating guy of the group who're currently in the military for their mandatory service were seen performing together at music festivals. The duo was spotted giving 100% for every performance no matter how big the number of the crowd were. They were seen performing BIGBANG's mega hit songs such as 'Fantastic Baby' and 'Bang Bang Bang' . Daesung and Taeyang even had solo performance of their solo hit songs such as "Eyes , nose , lips' and also 'Look at me ,Gwisun'. They also were spotted having mini fansign as well as gaining many more fanboys. Their stable live vocals to their over the top stage presence is one of many reasons why their fancams has more than 7.3 million views combined in youtube. Extra note ; Both of them are chubbier and healthier now. Plus they are really having a good time with their other celebrities friends who are serving in the military as well ;Like Highlight’s Yoon Doo Joon ,actor Go Kyung Pyo , 2PM Jun.K and Wooyoung.

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They dominated the stage as usual and hopefully Daesung will not cover his eyes anymore. YG stylist please take note.


The charismatic rapper of BIGBANG, TOP is currently serving his reassignment at the Yongsan Craft Museum and will be discharged on June 27, 2019 😄.YESSSSSS !!! Top is always diligently working and is often captured by fans on duty. There is nothing much to write about TOP but he is always doing his best in work.  Our only wish for TOP is to take care of his health ( He is known to have depression and panic attack , refrain yourself from bashing him for no reason) and to finish his service smoothly. 

source : google

PS * CREDITS to every article regarding BIGBANG, fan picture , youtube  , google and vips .

BIGBANG , the group with loaded stage presence , hopefully all of you will comeback safely and give us many more good music to enjoy in the future. To the future BIGBANG , GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST 😃 <3

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Friday, May 10, 2019

Don't think there is anything he can really do about that lol 🤣.



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Friday, May 10, 2019

This article is copy paste like what I have read recently.


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