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Seoul police investigate another instance of police corruption involving another Gangnam Club

Seoul Police are investigating another instance of police corruption.

According to a report by Yonhap News on the 20th, police are requesting an arrest warrant for a businessman suspected to be a "broker" between a club and police to cover up illegal entry of minors at a club in Seoul.

The Intelligent Crime Investigation Unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said on Tuesday, "it has applied for an arrest warrant for a broker, identified only by his surname 'Bae', on charges of taking bribes from a third party. Police booked Bae on Wednesday and sought an arrest warrant for him after questioning." Police have been investigating the case after the suspicious handling of an underage entry case involving a club in Seoul in December 2017.

The club 'A', is known to be owned and run by 'Kang', who owns another infamous club in Gangnam called 'Club Arena.' Broker Bae is suspected of giving millions of won each to 2 incumbent police officers for their help in covering up a case involving illegal entry of minors at club 'A.' Bae, a businessman, who runs an entertainment center in Gangnam-gu, asked a police officer in southern Seoul who was in charge of the Juvenile Protection Law violation to calm the case through Lieutenant B and Sergeant C of the Metropolitan Investigation Unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

The two officers allegedly received millions of won each from Broker Bae. Lieutenant B, who worked at the Gangnam Police Station knew Sergeant C as they had previously worked together at the Gwangju University Police Station. Police booked both Lieutenant B and Sergeant C as well as the official at the club that offered the bribe to the officers.

Broker Bae's questioning at the Seoul Central District Court was scheduled for later that day at 2:00pm KST on 4.20.2019 in front of senior judge Myung Jae-kwon. Whether an official arrest would be made would be decided later in the day.

Update on arrest warrant - 6:32am KST 4.21.2019 (the next day)

After questioning of the suspect 'Bae' on the 20th, the court judge rejected the warrant saying, "It's difficult to recognize the reason, necessity, and significance of the arrest as the suspect is acknowledging the crime and reflecting on it. There is room for a dispute over the legitimacy of the arrest and because there is no criminal record of the same crime previously I will reject the warrant."

Police are still investigating Lieutenant B, Sergeant C, as well as the official at club 'A' for the alleged bribes. As for businessman/broker Bae, as his arrest warrant was rejected, he'll be released from police custody.

Broker Bae attending questioning at the Seoul District Court on the 20th

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    Salva252177 pts Saturday, April 20, 2019 2
    Saturday, April 20, 2019

    If you investigated every club in Korea, you'll find every single one of them has done something illegal or something illegal has taken place there.

    Whether it be tax evasion, minors entering, drugs traficking, sexual assault, embezzelement, prostitution, atleast one of those has taken place in every club.

    Same goes for clubs in other country's to. It's just the way it is and police turn a blind eye, because they are either bribed or take part in the services provided their.
    The only reason something is being done about it now, is because due to the Burning Sun and Molka scandal it's shed a huge light on an open secret of these clubs. It's forced the police to respond, because people are watching and won't sit still.

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    LittleFoxx2,669 pts Saturday, April 20, 2019 0
    Saturday, April 20, 2019

    Nothing surprises me when public officials or officers receiving bribes, because it's a 'norm' everywhere in the world. What I feel bad is, for those who is very sincere to work days and nights and just receiving their monthly pay.

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