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Posted by Justtryinghere796 pts Sunday, April 28, 2019

Members of Blackpink begin crying at Hamilton Concert

On April 27th, 2019, while performing at the FirstOntario theater in Hamilton, Canada, members Rosé and Lisa began crying while on stage. Rosé begins to sing her cover of Park Bom's 'You and I' when she abruptly stops. On the prompter, you can see Rosé begin to wipe away tears before collecting herself and completing the solo segment. Later on in the show, member and main rapper, Lisa, is also seen crying as the quartet tops off its encore. Her bandmate and fellow rapper, Jennie, is seen consoling her before the two wave goodbye.

Fans began to speculate online as to why the members were crying. At some point, Rosé mentioned she was crying due to being overwhelmed with emotion, stemming from Hamilton's warm welcome. However, Blinks believed the reason behind Rosie's crying, was due to the onslaught of criticism the group has recently come under. Three days ago, it was announced that the added performance for the group's Dallas-Fort Worth show had been canceled, with no explanation. Critics surmised it was due to low ticket sales while loyal Blinks came to the groups defense, stating tickets were almost sold out. In just one week, the group has also faced backlash for photosets said to romanticize domestic violence and accusations of cultural appropriation. Both situations set off massive debates, with some saying the photosets should be blamed on the art directors only, while other [saying] the photos were taken out of context. Similarly, member Jennie was accused of cultural appropriation when she began to do, what some believed, was a "mockery" of a sacred dance in Hinduism. The sides were again split 50/50, with many Desi and Brown fans stating it was offensive, as the dance is sacred to the religion and other Desi fans stating the situation was being blown out of proportion.


In the end, humans are just that, humans. Errors are made; errors in judgment, errors in actions, even errors in beliefs. It seems often times, people forget that celebrities are Humans too. Whether we will forgive someone or not, it is still imperative werespond with the respect we're demanding...

Just like them, we are also human. And we must decide what kind of people we wish to be. The anonymity of the internet has brazened recent generations. Giving them the confidence to act as they wouldn't in real life. To act like they have no real reprocessions. But that's just it. There are always reprocessions. The words you say, and the manner in which you say them, may flow effortlessly from your fingertips to the keyboard, but once they are read by the person you intend them for, those words become engrained in their minds. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me." That's just a fable. Words hurt beyond our willingness to accept. Whether it was a canceled show, or a misunderstanding, or accused lip syncing, the members of Blackpink have suffered unforgiving scrutiny by monsters on the web. 

I hope people realize what they do. People's worth is being devoured by words untied to those that leave them. Imagine, you have an ailment that you know of, but you share a drink with your friend anyway. Two weeks later you're fine, but your friend is not. You knew she could sick but you were reckless and in turn, she is now in anguish. Understand that just because something does not impact YOU, does not mean it is meaningless. The eldest member of Blackpink is 26 years old. And at 26 she has to carry the burden of people's disdain. I know this post will not end cyber bullying, but I honestly hope people learn something. Nothing that leaves you, dissappears forever. Everything lasts. Everything impacts. It's very unfortunate that these members were crying. It's unfortunate that anyone will think the harsh things they say have no real effects on people because that couldn't be further from truth. Words are never empty.

Aside from Blinks and Blackpink, stop all together. These celebrities experience and witness things we can't even imagine. We are not right if we only add to that stress. So just stop. Because what will you do if you find out your words were the last straw?...

*I am not saying not to call out something if it offends you, just mind your words. But especially, don't verbally attack over the trivial like ticket sales and lip synching. Just because you dislike an artist does not give you the right to dehumanize them*

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    Blue20121,227 pts Sunday, April 28, 2019 16
    Sunday, April 28, 2019

    AKP has reached a new low. And I thought they reached it by posting Alie's nudes.

    They are now bullying girls. Turning a sweet moment into bashing them yet again.

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    kagayakugucci9,215 pts Sunday, April 28, 2019 18
    Sunday, April 28, 2019

    I don't like when people try to attach a specific meaning to idols crying during concerts. I bet you that something like cultural appropriation is literally just white noise to Jennie. Most drama that happens on the international side of the kpop fandom is completely irrelevant to idols and their companies. Idols cry during concerts because it's a very powerful and moving experience, we don't have to attach any further meaning to that, and try to use idols' raw emotions to make a certain point. I don't think that's fair to them.

    I totally agree with the core message of your post though. We should always strive to treat each other with more kindness and watch the language we use. Our words and actions matter. However, if you attach that message to the first part of your post, it's going to come across to people like you're shaming them for any criticism they might have of BP, whether that criticism was valid or not.

    I know that that was not your intention at all. But unfortunately, due to outrage culture and fandom wars, what people will get out of this is you saying that Jennie might kill herself if they criticize her for cultural appropriation. Your nuanced points will fall on deaf ears.

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