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Should We Really Give Seungri This Much Hate?


I´m legit writing this because I´m seriously tried and I just want to really share what my thought is in this whole Seungri case. So please take your time and just read my thoughts and even though many people have different perspectives in this whole case. If you don´t like my thoughts on this thing please don´t leave any hate 

Everyone that is a Kpop fan or a hardcore V.I.P (Big Bang Fandom Name) I´m sure you were really surprised when learning about what Seungri did, I´m sure I was. And still I can´t really believe that he could do something like this. But when I read all these nasty and mean comments about him in the articles, I actually felt really feel bad, and even after what he did. Also the funniest thing is that people think that he left Big Bang and YG or like the whole entertainment industry just because to get away from the spotlight or try to get away from the situation (Many people have different view and I 100% respect that). But even if he stays in Big Bang he won´t be getting any less hate then this and would get more. Another thing I hate is that you guys should realize how much he lost. He Big Bang and they where his everything, his family. He lost his successful career, but the most sad thing is that he lost his fans. We as V.I.Ps we turned our back on him his his hardest time and just left nasty hate comment for him to read. And I know what he did is just nasty and unbearable, but he not just getting ignored for that. Some of us should just try to understand him in his hardest time and try to see this situation from his view.

I also see why there is so much to hate him for, but what I will read or already read  in articles or see in the news will not change how I think.

(Also plz ignore any incorrect grammar, because I was really writing this in a hurry).

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Heinsenberg121 pts Thursday, March 21, 2019 4
Thursday, March 21, 2019

The answer is yes.


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MultiFandomStan159 pts Thursday, March 21, 2019 4
Thursday, March 21, 2019

Please tell me you are writing this as a joke, he is not being "hated" like this was a minor scandal, he is being treated like the criminal he is, people like him don't deserve empathy because they themself don't have any. Do not defend the indefensible and if you really want to "understand" someone or see things from their point of view do it, but with the victims, they are the ones who needs lots of support and empathy.


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