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Posted by MultiFandomGuy114 pts Monday, March 4, 2019

Amazingly Eye-Catching K-Pop Choreographies


Just about every single K-Pop song has an accompanying choreography to it. From high energy EDM heavy songs to slower and easy-going ballads, the choreography is completely ingrained in the genre. In the mix of the thousands of songs that come out every year, there are some choreographies that stand out from the rest for their difficult movements, to the synchronicity of the members, and the moments that make us go "whoa."

Teen Top "Rocking"

The. Foot. Work. While the choreo starts out deceptively easy, one it picks up the speed and accuracy of the members' feet is enough to make anyone winded. It's a wonder how they're so accurate with their movements.

Speed "Don't Tease Me"

When you have to throw one of your members ten feet in the air backward, it's easy to say your choreography is incredibly difficult. Hard to pick your mouth up off the floor after that. Between this and their "What U" choreography in heelies, this is a group whose dancing we miss.

miss A "Breathe"

The amount of coordination needed in this dance is off the charts. When one part of a body moves, at least four other parts are moving with it. Try it and see how well you'll fare (you'll probably look like Bambi did on the ice).

NCT 127 "Cherry Bomb"

Nine guys slowly falling into the splits in perfect time really makes for an eye-catching choreography. Couple that with hard-hitting arm movements and mixing fast and slow speeds, you have a recipe for a great choreo.

GFriend "Me Gustas Tu"

Many of GFriend's choreographies can be included in this list, but the level of synchronization in this dance blows the mind. And the over-under move from Umji, Yuju, and Yerin at the beginning is amazing.

Seventeen "Thanks"

Considered the current kings of choreography, the amount of effort seen from these guys in their dancing shows why. Seventeen goes hard in this choreography, not a single finger out of place and moving as a single unit in perfect unison.

Dreamcatcher "Chase Me"

A group whose talents deserve to be more recognized, the power of their dancing in this song is enough to get you hooked on the group. Fast, aggressive, and loud, the dance matches perfectly with the sound of the song and leaves you wanting more.

SF9 "K.O"

A turning wheel as part of the choreography. That type of opener is the one that grabs you and doesn't let you go from start to finish. The fluidity of the wheel gives way to a dance that plays tricks on your eyes.

SHINee "Lucifer"

A group who took the world by storm by mixing great vocals with peerless choreography, "Lucifer" is a prime example of the talents of this amazing group. Sharp arm placement and movement are what make this choreography stand above others.

VIXX "Voodoo Doll"

How do you not have a smile on your face watching this choreography? The shifting nature of the choreography, the members starting and stopping without a moment's notice, makes this dynamic choreography one to remember.

With so many dances out there, I was bound to miss a few. What dances stood out to you and caught your attention? Be sure to let me know down below! ^_^

  1. Dream Catcher
  2. GFriend (Girlfriend)
  3. miss A
  4. NCT 127
  5. Seventeen
  6. SF9
  7. SHINee
  8. SPEED
  10. VIXX
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TheBlueBunny714 pts Monday, March 4, 2019 1
Monday, March 4, 2019

Speed had some of the best choreos of all time!!! The songs were good too. They deserved so much more than they received.


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PopPunkIsNotDead209 pts Tuesday, March 5, 2019 0
Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Well, finally a list that includes Teen Top and Speed. I would also have mentioned Infinite's scorpion dance, but this one is not bad at all.



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