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Netizens wish the winning members of 1THE9 would have waited until 'Produce X'


Earlier this month, MBC's very own male idol survival program 'Under Nineteen' came to a wraps, giving birth to a 9-member project boy group - 1THE9.

Unfortunately, many netizens ruthlessly believe that this project boy group is already a "flop" boy group, due to the low viewership ratings of the survival program. However, "despite the fact that they are already a flop group", netizens are discovering that those who voted for the top 9 members of 1THE9 "did a good job"

Many commented, "It looked like there were so many bad trainees on that show but they actually did a good job of picking out the best-looking ones", "Wait, when I watched the first episode of that show a long time ago, they were all kind of ugly;; but now I'm shocked because these boys are all good-looking.. what is this", "Nice pick, they look good", and the likes.

Comments which especially stood out among netizen opinions were those which read, "Some of these boys, if they'd come out on the next 'Produce' they would have been in the debut ranks from the beginning", "You guys should have waited and come out on 'Produce X', it's way bigger buzz and you would have been better off", "Actually, maybe because muggles didn't bother watching the show, the real idol fans did a good job of picking the best ones", "Your visuals are being wasted here! Should have chosen 'Produce'!", etc. 

What do you think would have happened if the following 1THE9 members had auditioned for the upcoming 'Produce X'? Get to know all 9 members below:

Shin Ye Chan (2001)

Kim Jun Seo (2001)

Jung Jin Sung (2002)

Park Sung Won (2003)

Lee Seung Hwan (2000)

Jeon Do Yeom (2002) - rank #1

Kim Tae Woo (1999)

Yoo Yong Ha (1999)

Jung Taek Hyun (2003) - former 'Boni! Hani!' MC/child actor

Are any of you 1THE9 fans?

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cjd142 pts Saturday, February 16, 2019 5
Saturday, February 16, 2019

seriously, all they care about are looks looks looks... i think they are look similar, but what about their talents


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81024,835 pts Saturday, February 16, 2019 0
Saturday, February 16, 2019

Judging and hating is something those netizens can only do. Only caring about visuals and leaving hurtful coments like that? Disgusting human beings they are. They should spend their time on reflecting on themselves instead of searching something or someone to hate on. How do they even have energy for that? Go to school or search for a job, do something nice with your life.



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