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Posted by Areths5 pts Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Netizens discuss why YG Entertainment artists’ fandom don’t grow


It’s no news that YG Entertainment fandoms don’t grow in compare to other big agencies groups and netizens started to discuss the reasons behind this awkward situation.

Some of the comments were:

“All YGEnt groups’ fandom do is waiting and begging for new contents to see their bias. Nobody wants to stan a YG group nowadays.”

“YG Ent is the reason why their groups’ fandom don’t grow and it’s sad because the company should support their artists.”

“Their fandoms are so divided and the reason is how the company promote each member. There’s anyone who want to join a fandom who have to wait for a comeback and meanwhile they argue for who’s more mistreated under YGEnt?”

“Too many hiatus, too many empty promises from the company. And Yang Hyunsuk it’s aware of it, that’s why he said to take his words as a friend whisper in his last post on yg-life but he forgot he’s a CEO of a big company and should act like one.”

“It’s like their main target is the general public and not the fans. YG Ent doesn’t care of his artists fandom. Just look at all the petitions and requests the fans are doing but they’re totally ignored.”

“The company doesn’t back up their artists. How about CL, Dara, Lee Hi and AKMU Suhyun? I heard Chanhyunk left self composed songs for his sister so she can promote while he’s doing the military service but where is she now? And someone has news of ONE? YG Entertainment is like a black hole.”

“Usually the company push the entire group in the promotion circuit like JYP do but YG Entertainment push just one member of a group and i’m not even sure if it’s a way to promote the group. They only have WINNER, BLACKPINK and IKON now but you can already tell who’s gonna leave the company and who will stay if they will ever disband in the near future.”

“We all know the company give a certain image for each member of their groups but it’s crystal clear that they are trying to make someone looks plain and boring so that people will not get interested in them and will focus on one member that the company is pushing.

It’s not a smart move if they want people to get interested in a group as a whole.”

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    Armyinthehouse137 pts Tuesday, February 19, 2019 3
    Tuesday, February 19, 2019


    As a Winner fan, and fan of kpop since 10+ years ago, i just can't with YG anymore. I know that I could be way more into them but YG never delivers, I even waited 2+ years after their debut till their next comeback and now we keep getting Mino solos but what about the rest? Like, Seungyoon is such a total package and main composer but after winner was made he wasn't able to explore his style and soloist stuff and the other members never had the opportunity, that's why I totally understood when Tae left.

    YG isn't a good CEO, and his persona doesn't help either.


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    ratmonster2,079 pts Tuesday, February 19, 2019 5
    Tuesday, February 19, 2019

    who wants to stan a group with barely any albums or comebacks? ikon is the only exception for this nowadays. what is yg playing at?


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