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Full Dispatch Report on 'Burning Sun' assault released


Dispatch has revealed the full report on their 'Burning Sun' assault investigation.

[Below is a translation of the full Dispatch Report as written]

Seungri once shared about his club business, "Recently, I have been focusing on running the club and ramen restaurants. Many people think that because this is a celebrity's business, just lending the face and name is enough. In fact, I am really dedicated to this work, or else the customers will not trust me."

This is the truth. The male singer really buried himself in his businesses.

Register Paper of Burning Sun

① Who does Burning Sun belong to?

According to the statutory register of Burning Sun, the club's CEO is Lee Sung Hyun and Lee Moon Ho. The internal directors are Kang XX and Lee Seung Hyun (real name of Seungri). The two inspectors are Kang Hyun Sook and Kim Gun Ho.

The representative of Lee Sung Hyun is the executive director of Le Méridien hotel and Burning Sun is located in the basement of this hotel. In addition to Lee Sung Hyun , the other members of the board are acquaintances of Seungri.

First is representative Lee Moon Ho - Seungri's "best friend" who is also doing business with the singer. This person currently manages businesses run by Seungri, namely interfering with businesses such as the lounge bar "Monkey Museum", management enterprise "Yuri Holdings" and food business "Aori F&B".

So who is responsible for investigating and evaluating the accuracy of Burning Sun's business and accounting activities? That person is Ms. Kang, Seungri's mother, because she has registered as a club inspector.

After the controversy surrounding Burning Sun, Seungri and his mother resigned as Director. YG President Yang Hyun Suk said, "Seungri will enlist in March or April. He must resign to comply with regulations regarding military service."

Internal organization of Burning Sun: First row: Representative, CEO (Lee Seong Hyun (Seungri), Lee Moon Ho), 2nd row: Director, Manager, VIP Information, 3rd row: MDs

② What is the role of MD?

Dispatch received the internal organization chart of Burning Sun. It listed the names of leaders including the chairman, director, CEO and VIP information. The list also shows the name of director Jang - who is involved in the controversy of Burning Sun.

Director Jang is currently the leader who manages the party team. Under him are many MDs.

MD is the abbreviation for merchandiser. Their products are none other than the customer. If they successfully ask a female customer to come, they will receive from 20,000 to 50,000 won per person from the club. In the case of male customers, they will receive 15 ~ 20% of alcohol charge.

Eventually, the club's profits all fall into the hands of MDs. Their sales performance is the income of the club. Therefore, MDs need to drag many female customers and attract more male customers.

Dispatch met with MDs who used to work or are working at Burning Sun and asked them how to attract customers. The club's representative said that they called it "homerun", implying the act of taking drunken female customers to the rooms.

③ What is “Mulge”?

"Mulge" is a common term in club business, referring to beautiful customers (women).

Like mentioned earlier, "mulge" is CEO or MD's way of earning money. It involves taking beautiful customers to VIP rooms, where sexual harassment, rape, violence takes place.

Below is the content of the conversation in the chat room of Burning Sun's managers that Dispatch received. The content has been changed to be more appropriate.

Conversation between two MDs.

MD 1: The VIP room is looking for a female customer.

MD 2: OK. I'm looking.

MD 1: I'm looking everywhere. Hurry up and help me find a female customer.

MD 1: It's not necessary a beautiful one. Just a drunk girl is OK.

MD 2: Let me see if I can find any "snails".

MD 1: Help me to get the "homerun".

This is how to survive in the club business. It's providing beautiful female customers or the drunken one. For them, female customers are just goods.

Is this only an MD's issue? Dispatch verified the truth that was implicitly acknowledged among managers at Burning Sun.

④ Having fun at Burning Sun!

Dispatch obtained the dialogue in the chat room of the Burning Sun club operators and Director Lee XX's dialogue was particularly shocking. This person registered the position of director in the Burning Sun organization. This is the director in charge of guests and booking.

Director "A": Now look into the room.

Director "A": They're doing it.

MD 1: How did you see it?

MD 2: Oh ~ It's real.

MD 3: Having fun at Burning.

Dispatch confirmed the video recording the sex scene in the VIP room. Obviously, it is impossible to know whether it is rape or not. But one thing is for sure, the people working at the club secretly recorded it and passed on to each other.

The people working at Burning Sun also alluded to the use of ecstasy.

"If VIPs have a happy night, they will almost certainly come back. So some MD also sneakily give them ecstasy because female guests will lose consciousness for a moment. There is also the possibility of sexual harassment after that."

Burning Sun's leaders also know about this danger. In fact, the person who played the leading role in the previous conversation was the leader of the club.

Dispatch got a hold of a conversation in another group chat room through a guard who had quit. Security guard "A" reported to representative Lee Moon Ho, "I have already arranged the quarrel from sexual harassment at the main bar. The police have arrived and dealt with it properly."

⑤ I have a "hi-pass" into the club

What does the club fear the most? Burning Sun manager said that it was minors. Accordingly, this is the critical point of club business. Violating this the first time and the business will be suspended for 2 months; the second time will be three months and the business' license will be canceled or its location will be closed with the third violation.

"Harassment, violence? Just blame the customers for it. Drug? Just say it's due to the customer's fault. However, letting minors into the club is different. It is completely the responsibility of the club. The biggest reason for keeping good relations with the police is the report on minors."

Illegal conversation between a director and an MD.

Director "A": The guests that have problems with ID cards, Just get the pretty kids.

Director "A": Don't look for those ugly kids who don't have ID cards. So annoying.

Director "A": Too ugly to be allowed in and they don't even have ID cards. Do you even think?

MD 1: Yes! I got it.

This case is called a "hi-pass". Meaning you don't need an ID card to enter. Although saying "have problems with ID cards" here does not mean letting minors enter, it can be seen that even minors who meet the requirements still can go inside.

⑥ Minors coming to the club

CCTV capture at Burning Sun.

There is more information from a former manager of Burning Sun. Someone had reported seeing minors coming to the club.

According to an anonymous manager, in 2018, Burning Sun was reported for letting adolescents enter the club. The police at the Yeoksam Police Substation were mobilized and investigated the situation.

However, the police did not enter the club. The manager said, "The police were mobilized. There were one female and two male police officers", "They did not come in to search for those minors but (went to the door and) returned."

"The senior staff of the club went out and confronted the police. They said that it could be information fabricated by other competing businesses. They said they had checked the guests' ID cards very carefully and the police just left. At that time, I thought 'how can it be'. (The manager)

On February 1, Dispatch went to Yeoksam Police Substation and asked to see records related to the police being sent to Burning Sun in 2018. Yeoksam police station responded, "Today (1/2), there are personnel dispatched there. People who have been there before are not currently here."

Burning Sun was not fined because of minor-related issues. However, it is not that they are minors so they are not allowed to enter the club. The management team said through Kakaotalk, "The guests that have problems with ID cards, just find the pretty kids" refuted this, leading to unconvincing arguments.

⑦ "Chat rooms on Kakaotalk" knows everything

The suggestion of a former employee at Burning Sun.

"What happens in the club? They are all in the chat room on Kakaotalk. They know all. Because they give direction and receive reports there".

Staff at Burning Sun are connected in various chat rooms. They mainly exchange information on Kakaotalk through chat rooms of Representatives, the President and the CEO, of the CEO and the MD, of the MD and party teams, of guards, of employees, of each team, of each group of employees.

They share everything happening in real time, take pictures without permissions.

MD 1: (send pictures taken without permission) They stretched the girl's arms and legs.

Director "A": The skirt is up.

MD 2: Her body is nice, but her face is ugly.

CEO "C": If it isn't high-class, I won't use it.

Director "A": The girl at table O doesn't look well. Tell her to go away.

Guard 1: Confirmed.

Director "B": Female guest that I'm about to take away is touched by someone. Where's the guard, hurry up?

Guard 2: Confirmed. It's been handled.

And just like that, problems happen and are taken care of.

MD 1: Director "A" hit a woman.

MD 2: Why?

MD 1: For refusing to go home with him.

⑧ But they just pretend they don't know

VIP room and VIP toilet.

Kim Sang Kyo's controversy arose. He showed his skepticism on the cooperation between the police and the club saying, "(On the contrary), I was violently abused by the police and the club's securities." Burning Sun rebutted this. They said, "Kim Sang Kyo is the sexual harasser." (They had apologized for the violence).

The incidents that happened without anyone's knowledge or happened casually... They all know. However, it has become the thing that no one cares.

At least all the club's former and current managers that Dispatch met said so. They all see it first hand or heard from the others. But Seungri doesn't know?

"The news about the violence or the recent information about drugs is spreading. Although I have never heard or seen it with my own eyes, I will take responsibility for the thing I'm responsible for while I was the club's director." (Seungri)

Seungri was known as "Representative Seungri" at Burning Sun. Every employee referred to him as representative but not director. A conversation in Burning Sun chat room proved just that.

Burning Sun staff call Seungri representative.

MD 1: Can I be informed of when representative Seungri will arrive?

CEO "A": About 1:30.

MD 2: Will representative Seungri come late?

CEO "A": Today, representative Seungri will rest.

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They all know. However, it has become the thing that no one cares.

And this is the worst part of all of it.



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