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EXO-L's are proven innocent! Illegal votes by Armies?


Last year December 31 2018, Golden Disk Award voting window for the "Most Popular Artist Award" closed with 0.16% between the first place and the second place.

This year January 2 2019, SBS made a statement, that EXO-l's made illegal accounts in order to vote. (The popularity award is only based on VOTES. So what happened was the BTS was leading for the majority of the time, but only a few days left of voting, EXO, who was Second placed by thousand of votes and overcame BTS. Thousand of "new ID's" were revealed to have been suddenly created in just a few hours for EXO votes. Exo-l's were accused of "stealing phone numbers " and voted for EXO in the Golden Disc Awards App.

As a result one of EXO's biggest fan club (fanbase) EXO @exo_lab who has 170,000+ followers was reported to encourage other fans o use this method to vote.

Other fandoms started criticised EXO-L's. Stating "he 'Popularity Award,' which needs to be 100% fair, was processed in an unfair way"

And although EXO did not win the popularity award fans demanded an investigation.

So on January 6 2019, @exo_lab made a statement giving a full explanation on the issue.


They apologised for informing about the infinite voting method. And the GDA's voting app company LG U+ Idol Live. They released a statement with clear information on the amount of illegal votes made, but they did not mention the names of the artists who the votes were made, but the referred to the artist in the term of "Group A" and Group B

Along with their statement the app company also added ridiculous assumption on who "Group A" and "Group B" are based on the user names used for illegal voting.

@exo_lab has made a statement that they will take legal action again anyone who makes baseless accusation on them.

The statement which was released by LG U+ "168 illegal votes were placed on group A" matches with @exo_lab statements, which indicates that Group A is EXO. And after excluding the 168 votes (which were illegal) the final results was l 4665157 votes for EXO . Which proves that 99.999% of EXO-l's votes were legal.

This might mean that the 184332 illegal votes (group B) are Made by BTS Armies (A.R.M.Y)

Stay tuned for more , my next article I will be discussing about the allegation made that Army cheated on the Popularity vote!

Also what are you thoughts on this.

This is my first Article and although I'm a fan of Kpop and have my Faves i am most articles written by me are not going to be biased.

More INFO on next Article. Allegedly

December 31, Netease froze froze their app around midnight, and after unfreezing, votes for BTS increased dramatically making over 50,000 votes in 4 minutes.

  1. BTS
  2. V
  3. Jungkook
  4. Jimin
  5. Jin
  6. j-hope
  7. SUGA
  8. RM (Rap Monster)
  9. EXO
  10. EXO-K
  11. EXO-M
  12. Suho
  13. Sehun
  14. Baekhyun
  15. D.O.
  16. Kai
  17. Chanyeol
  18. Chen
  19. Lay
  20. Xiumin
  21. EXO-CBX
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Thursday, January 10, 2019

damn Armys are triggered. Aren't yall tired of song shady things and getting exposed?



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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Is this article from SBS or from a fan's point of view?

Your header implies it is SBS whereas the context is your comments.


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