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Posted by yckim124 AKP STAFF 7 days ago

Rookie actor Jung Yoo Ahn (20) apologizes for the sexual harassment controversy

Jung Yoo Ahn (20) officially apologized for the sexual harassment controversy

On January 10, VAST Entertainment released an official statement regarding the sexual harassment reports on the rookie actor. The agency confirmed Jung Yoo Ahn has been investigated by the police for the physical contact he had while drinking with peers and stated, "Regardless of the validity, Jung Yoo Ahn himself is sincerely apologetic for causing a displeasing incident. He plans to participate in the investigation properly."

Lastly, the agency stated, "The details on the case have not yet been confirmed, therefore, please refrain from sharing reports based on rumors. Once again, we apologize for causing concerns with such an incident."

Meanwhile, Jung Yoo Ahn made his drama debut with MBC's 'Come and Hug Me' and film debut with 'Along With The Gods: The Last 49 Days.' He also appeared as a lead in YouTube original web drama 'Top Management.

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teleri 6 days ago 0
6 days ago

So now it's physical harassment. Cause other articles said verbal. Who knows?



nnani 7 days ago 21
7 days ago

I feel bad for him tbh. There's too many people accusing others of Sexual Harassment it's sad and disgusting. They ruin it for actual victims with their constant bullshit to cry woe is me and try to ruin someone else's life. They ruin it for actual victims. It's not the people who don't believe, it's the liars. People don't believe because people don't know who to trust, we don't wan to just believe anyone, we need evidence. Words mean nothing and no one is going to take action on what you said just because you said. Victims suffer from liars and liars need to stop.



changminbaby 7 days ago 1
7 days ago

honestly i'd rather wait for evidence before i decide to take sides about who is right or not , believe when there is evidence instead of ending up participating in ruining someone's life and career, it doesnt matter the % of who were wrongly accused because it does look like a minority we ignore it??

rape victims dont get taken seriously,but also innocent people who were wrongly accused dont get taken seriously too people decide they are guilty when there is no proof yet and their career get ruined. the prob of why people get uncertain is because there is some liars ruining it for real victims thats my opinion

in order for people to not lie about rape they need to get the same sentence of the person who rape someone , i feel that the person who rape get a light sentence and for liars its more lighter sentence and thats why people are not afraid to do horrible things ...if both get jailed for a longtime you will see how criminals will hesitate because of the sentence ,victims will get justice and liars will get afraid of lying



nnani 7 days ago 0
7 days ago

Thank you!!! People who believe the accusers have no right to apologize and whatnot after someone gets proven innocent. You (they) had the opportunity NOT to believe till there was evidence but you (they) chose to bandwagon and attack the person straight off the bad because he said she said. No. Wait till there is evidence then you pick a side.

I 100% agree with you!



RyenLux 6 days ago 3
6 days ago

ikr? He's still under investigation, and there hasn't been any updates, but already people assumed he's guilty. Seriously, ever heard of innocent until proven guilty? People these days... *smh


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Blueblankety 7 days ago 3
7 days ago

.There’s more people getting sexually assaulted than there is about false allegations.

There’s a lot of allegations bec cops doesn’t take rape seriously.

Brock turner who sexually assaulted a woman behind a dumpster got off after 2 months, Jacob Anderson who got off scotch free bec he took a plea, and there’s many more.

Rape kit backlogs in the US is crazy.. that says a lot how people look at these crimes. People who gets raped and sexually assaulted have a hard time proving it happened bec sometimes people deal with trauma differently. They don’t want to be stigmatized as a rape victim. Hence they might not talk about it till later on. No one thought Bill Cosby could’ve done it bec he played a lovable dad on tv, but guess what? He drugged and rape dozens of women.

Sexual harassment is a huge epidemic in Korea, a lot of women in their 20s and 30s are actually fighting back (not talking about radical movements) but people want change in their society. If you’ve noticed in recent years more and more protest are being held.


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Sassysly555 6 days ago 0
6 days ago

so hes kinda a nobody who thought he was a superstar and could get away with being a dick? That's just my take on the whole article lol

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