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Posted by beansss AKP STAFF 11 days ago

Dream T Entertainment confirms Girl's Day's Sojin will not renew her contract, but denies group disbandment

On January 11, Girl's Day's management label Dream T Entertainment issued an official statement regarding member Sojin's contract expiration. 

Read the label's statement below:

"Sojin's contract with Dream T Entertainment comes to an end in February of 2019, and we have decided not to renew the contract. The remaining members' (Yura, Minah, Hyeri) contracts are set to expire this year as well, so we are currently discussing various possibilities at the company. 

The Girl's Day members have no intentions of a disbandment. We are currently looking for ways to continue the group's promotions after this time frame.

We ask that you all send your abundant cheers so that each of the members can promote actively in even more manners. Thank you."

Per Dream T Entertainment's words, it seems that while Sojin will seek a new management company. Nonetheless, Girl's Day have not disbanded, and will seek ways to promote as a group in the future. 

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  2. Minah
  3. Sojin
  4. Yura
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xxamr 11 days ago 2
11 days ago

Its sad to see this happen to them. Girls' Day didn't blow up in the kpop scene immediately after their debut. It took them several years to get the spotlight and recognition



delta_yu 10 days ago 1
10 days ago

I don't think this is sad at all, this is one of the happiest endings idol groups get. they followed their dreams, had fun, were successful, now time to live their own lives (while still having a good relationship with eachother). Doesn't get much better than that



xxamr 10 days ago 0
10 days ago

I would say its a happy ending if they were treated right. Dream T failed to manage them properly. Had they done a better job, the possibility of them renewing their contracts is there. Even shitty DSP gave Kara a somewhat good comeback before they disbanded



hiroonakamura 9 days ago 0
9 days ago

not surprised. Sojin is 32 years old already, she doesnt really have the time to be a girl group member anymore i guess.
The other three are much younger though so they still have a few years left.

A shame to see girls day disbanding though. They really released way too few songs in the last 3 years



Kosmo_Lap 10 days ago 0
10 days ago

These girls have had their day.



jokbal_is_yum 10 days ago 0
10 days ago

"...but denies group disbandment."


Seriously, though - with Mama Sojin leaving, I truly doubt the other 3 ladies will re-sign bc what's the point of that?

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