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Microdot's parents reveal they will be returning to Korea soon to resolve fraud accusation matters


On November 20, news outlet YTN reported that they recently got in contact with rapper Microdot's parents in New Zealand regarding their current fraud accusation controversy. 

Microdot's parents told YTN, "We will return to Korea as soon as we receive our passports. We will investigate the truth thoroughly. It takes approximately 2-3 weeks to receive the passports. Once we have confirmed the situation, we will apologize to those we need to apologize to, and we will resolve issues we need to resolve." 

Previously, it was revealed that Microdot's parents scammed various neighbors in the town of Jecheon in 1998 amounting to as much as 2 billion KRW (1.7 million USD), then fled to New Zealand. Microdot was 5-6 years old at the time. 
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krell-1,371 pts Friday, November 23, 2018 0
Friday, November 23, 2018

There is an ACTIVE ONGOING S.K POLICE INVESTIGATION now. I will GUESS that the PARENTS are now NZ nation citizens. If I was the PARENTS, I would be WARY to return to S.KOREA. I am *guessing* that the PARENTS could maybe be *arrested* by S.K POLICE depending on the investigation results. Which, DIFFICULT to know just WHAT that S.K POLICE might 'find it out' exactly. My thought is that the PARENTS should just hire a S.K LAWYER to *represent* them while this investigation takes place. And remain in NZ nation. Make S.K POLICE actually DEPORT you from NZ nation IF they want to try for that ... One WONDERS if that the PARENTS have spoken to a decent quality NZ nation CRIMINAL LAWYER about what is best for them to do it. Put it this way, (criminal) CHOI SOON SIL did NOT return to S.KOREA in a willing manner. She was going to be DEPORTED from GERMANY (?). IF that the PARENTS are NZ citizens, I would guess their best chance to stay OUT of JAIL is to remain in NZ nation. They could still try to 'settle matters' via an S.K LAWYER that they could hire. And MICRODOT could assist in this situation too. The S.K POLICE can NOT arrest MICRODOT for what his PARENTS did it. Thus, MICRODOT can work with an S.K LAWYER to try to resolve it all. But again, for the PARENTS to willingly return to S.KOREA I see that as a BAD DECISION for them. I would have the PARENTS to REMAIN in NZ nation UNTIL and IF that they could maybe do some kind of 'Class Action Settlement' with the claimants of their supposed financial wrongdoing.


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