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MAMAMOO's Whee In responds to reports of father's fraud

MAMAMOO's Whee Inhas responded to reports of fraud on the part of her father.

On November 27, a netizen online made a post online under the title, "My father passed away, and my family fell apart because of the father of a MAMAMOO member." According to the post, a MAMAMOO member's father operated a container, portable bathroom, and caravan company, and the poster's father worked as a freighter in charge of transporting cargo.

The poster expressed, "The container company was a major company when my father was alive, but because there was no trust between the companies, we wanted to avoid payment deferrals. He'd always brag that his daughter was part of the girl group MAMAMOO and reassure us that payments were coming. We believed him to an extent because his daughter was a famous celebrity and continued our business relationship. Then the payments kept getting deferred, and he would push it back by saying, 'I'll pay it back soon! The money will come in next week, and I'll pay you back right away.' With the purchase payments coming in later and later, the cargo drivers began putting pressure on us in their phone calls." They added their family fell apart after their father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, saying, "Even then, the payments were delayed. My father passed away almost three years ago, and the debt still has not been paid."Allegedly, the MAMAMOO member's father owes the poster's family 20 million Won ($17,703.90 USD), and their family had to use their father's life insurance to pay for legal costs.

MAMAMOO's agency RBW Entertainmenthas now responded with an official statement by Whee In, who stated:

"I grew up without my biological father's support. He paid no attention to our family and neglected his duties as head of the household. My family has always suffered from the unexpected debts he incurred. My parents divorced in 2012, but until some months ago, my mother had to live with the reputation of being a delinquent borrower. We've lived apart from my father since their divorce, but my mother and I have still had to deal with the damage he caused before. A few years ago when I had my last contact with my biological father, I asked him to try not to cause my mother and I more pain, and we should live separate lives. He's tried contacting me several times since, but I never picked up. I've had no form of exchange nor contact with him for many years. At present, I have no idea where he lives, what he does, or how his life is. Because of this situation, the accusations that arose have taken us very much aback. I'll confer with my family and work to resolve the situation as much as we can. I apologize to my MAMAMOO members and apologize to everyone for causing concern with this controversy."

Stay tuned for updates.

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Blue821,789 pts Tuesday, November 27, 2018 1
Tuesday, November 27, 2018

I get so tired of the mentality that if the parents did wrong the children should apologize and fix things. The parents are adults and responsible for themselves. She doesn't even have anything to do with her dead beat dad and yet here she is having to fix things otherwise knetz would tear her apart for being irresponsible.


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Queen_Sana227 pts Tuesday, November 27, 2018 3
Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Okay so this is kind of trend or something now everyone parents are getting accused what the hell is wrong

one year it was dating scandals trend everyone started dating and now this whats cooking


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