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Read the full interview on YG's new survival program 'YG Treasure Box'


YG will showcase a rookie survival program set to premiere on November 16th.

On the 29th at 2:00PM, YG Yang Hyun-suk, the founder and producer, announced the details of the YG new debut program in Q & A format through their official blog @YG-Life.

Yang Hyun-suk said, "The title of the program is 'YG Jewelry Box.' The broadcast will reveal all 29 of the male trainees from 14 to 19 years of age that have not been released.

"The selection criteria are the same as those of Black Pink, and we plan to select candidates based on talented people who have both basic skills and external attractiveness." "We will monitor the evaluation and selection of viewers through broadcasting, "He added.

Also, Yang Hyun-suk said, "YG Entertainment is no longer planning to produce or participate in any other additional audition programs in the meantime but will place full focus on the program.

The following is the contents of the "From YG" interview which is published in a question and answer format.

Hello, this is YANG HYUN SUK.

It’s November soon. We only have two months left on 2018.

Recalling the happiest moments while producing albums for the past 22 years, they’re usually when I’m sharing good news for the fans.

On the contrary, I feel sorry for the fans whenever some unexpected rumors or scandals arise. I will try to stay humble and be precautious, to be able to share only the good news for the fans.

Today, I would like to share some news on YG’s plans for the last two months of 2018.

Q. It is said that YG is planning a debut program for a rookie group?


To be precise, it’s a project to select members of a new boy group of YG.

What YG’s boy groups including BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON have in common is that they were all selected through YG’s own survival program. The upcoming program will be an extension of that.

‘BIGBANG TV’ aired back in 2006 was YG’s first attempt on a survival program, and the first-ever in Korea.

WINNER and iKON made debut on 2013 and 2014 through ‘WIN’ and ‘MIX & MATCH’, while iKON, the youngest group, will face their 4th year since debut next year.

Since there are many hard-working trainees of YG including BANG YEDAM, the 2nd place winner of ‘K-Pop Star’ aired back in 2013, who are waiting for their chances to make debut.

Therefore, we think that sometime next year will be an appropriate timeline to launch a new boy group of YG.

Q. What will be the title of the program?

The program will be titled, ‘YG Treasure Box’.

The term ‘YG Treasure Box’ refers to the complaint by fans, that the artists of YG get locked up in a treasure box after making one comeback. It is a negative byname that has been publicly mentioned through the press as well.

The program ‘YG Treasure Box’ will reveal all male trainees of YG who haven’t been exposed until now, while the viewers’ reviews and selections will be monitored to be applied to the selection criteria.

There are 29 male trainees in YG who will be revealed through ‘YG Treasure Box’. Their ages consist from 14 to 19.

Because there are way more participants compared to when we were selecting BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON, the competition rate is higher than ever.

Q.What is the selection criteria and how many members will be selected?

The selection criteria will the same as that of BLACKPINK.

Capacity is a must nowadays, so we will select individuals with charming appearances and attractions as well as having star quality.

We started out by expecting 5 members, but we will keep an eye on how the program progresses and re-decide with flexibility.

Q.When is the premiere date, through which station?

The shooting has already begun, and we are expecting November 16 to be the premiere date.

We have focused on global market expansion and promotion through internet platforms such as VLIVE and YouTube, ever since the planning stage.

In addition, we are planning to make the program available through TV broadcasts for the viewers’ convenience.

Q.Any plans on creating audition programs such as ‘MIXNINE’ or appearing as a judge?

Not at all.

I don’t have any plans on producing audition programs or appearing as a judge.

From ‘Superstar K’ Season 1 aired back in 2009 to 6 years of ‘K-Pop Star’ and ‘MIXNINE’, I’ve met tens of thousands of participants who aspire to chase their dreams as an audition program judge for a total of 8 years. Those moments will stay with me as unforgettable memories.

Now I will come back to my own place and focus on YG.

In the interest of time, I will revisit you tomorrow with news regarding new album releases by artists of YG.

Thank you

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Monday, October 29, 2018

YG doesn't give a shit about their artists. Who ever isn't popluar anymore gets the cut slowly but surely.


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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

i guess he just doesnt care about the business and just likes to play. Fans are screaming like TAKE MA MAANEEEYYY- but YG dont care.........



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