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Posted by LeJulie0 pt Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Male Idols so adorably small you'll want to keep them in your pocket

1. Woozi
Can you believe this talented producer, composer, and lyricist is only 164 cm (5'4") tall? Despite his small stature he sure knows how to make his presence feel big.
2. Jinhwan
The hyung of iKON surprisingly is the smallest in the group at an approximated height of 165cm (5'5"). He is undoubtedly one of the cutest members of iKON.
3. Ha Sung Woon
At a strong 167cm (5'5"), Ha Sung Woon is labeled the "small and precious little one" by fans of Wanna One.
4. Taeil
Have you met someone more badass than Taeil? With his amazing tattoos and his powerful vocals, Taeil stands at just 167cm (5'5").
5. Jinho
Just 23 cm (1 foot) shorter than the tallest Pentagon member, Jinho reaches 168cm (5'6") but that doesn't stop him from claiming the spotlight.
6. Jay Park
Charismatic and sexy god you would never have guessed he stands at 170cm (5'6"). But despite his small stature, Jay Park surely beats the cute look and goes straight for sexy.
7. Yoseob
Arguably the cutest member of Highlight, Yoseob stands at a tall 171cm (5'7"). With his powerful vocals and personality, Yoseob is the whole small package.
8. Jimin
You'd be surprised that Jimin is a solid 173cm (5'8") because of how proportionate his body is. He's the whole deal with powerful vocals, great dancing skills, and cute stature.
9. Taeyang
Taeyang is listed at 173cm (5'8") but I think he's more like 170cm (I met him backstage at his concert before). But the way he carries himself with charisma and charm you could almost forget how small he actually is.
10. JinJin
JinJin from Astro stands at 174cm (5'8") and uses his height to his advantage in all his aegyo. Paired with his lovable personality, JinJin is one you can't help but love.

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Stulecka0 pt Saturday, October 20, 2018 0
Saturday, October 20, 2018

Pocket sized bias ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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