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[Drama Review] '100 Days My Prince' - episode 9

D.O., Nam Ji Hyun

This week, '100 Days My Prince' episode 9 began on a good note: by assuring us that Hong Shim's brother Moo Yeon (played by Kim Jae Young) isn't dead!

Well, actually, there was some confusion with the whole ordeal that really needs to be solved later on, because apparently it wasn't Kim Cha Un who tried to shoot and kill his own servant after agreeing to "free" him. The Kim family is waving this incident off as Moo Yeon the "faithful servant" diving in front of the arrow which was aimed at the princess consort Kim So Hye, Kim Cha Un's daughter. 

Oh thank goodness, last week I seriously thought he got shot in the heart! But it was just his shoulder.

But ironically enough, the person who isn't willing to let this go as a simple incident is Kim So Hye herself, because of her sympathetic affection toward Moo Yeon, which we learned about last week. So how will the princess consort get to the bottom of this mystery surrounding the arrow attack? Last time I checked, nobody is trying to kill the princess except maybe like... her own father. 

Just tell us, is he the father or not, woman?!

And then, we move on to the village where Hong Shim (played by Nam Ji Hyun) has confessed to Won Deuk (played by EXO's D.O.), that his true identity is in fact NOT Won Deuk. Won Deuk, confused and still without any memory of his real identity, must now set out to recover his memories on his own. 

Training for the day when catching things in my shoulder becomes an official sport on 'ISAC'!

In an attempt to recover his memories, Won Deuk takes up an errand to the capital of Hanyang, where he has a very dangerous almost run-in with Kim Cha Un!

D.O. says: "Why would you ride that uncomfortable man-pulled chair when walking is like three times faster?"

Even though Won Deuk avoids death from Kim Cha Un, he then ends up getting caught by Hong Shim's brother Moo Yeon. The catch here is that Moo Yeon is still injured, and so Won Deuk beats him in a fight in the forest. Won Deuk then deduces that Moo Yeon must know his true identity... now what type of conversation these two had, we need to wait until the next episode to find out, but what's for sure is that Won Deuk returns to his village and to Hong Shim's house unharmed. 

Any guesses on what Moo Yeon told Won Deuk? I kind of feel like he might have confessed to Won Deuk his and Hong Shim's identities, rather than letting Won Deuk know his own. Because when Won Deuk returns to Hong Shim, they end up having their first kiss... and I personally felt like it might have been a sympathy kiss? Like a, even though you used me and I don't have my memories yet, I know your traumatic past now so I don't want to just leave you in the dirt kind of thing?

Dammit, a pipsqueak beat me up!

Here's an almost-kiss-scene, but don't worry, I won't spoil the actual kiss! ;)

And then while Won Deuk is away, our smooth-talking former police chief Jung Jae Yoon (played by Kim Sun Ho) officially moves in as the governor of Hong Shim's village. But you know, his whole "face blindness" (his character cannot remember people's faces, only their voices or other details about them) ordeal is kind of whack. I don't think this disorder is all that common, and it's just such a convenient and kind of lame excuse for the scriptwriter and director to be like, okay, we need to delay Won Deuk's discovery for a few more episodes!

Oh, when did Team Rocket show up?

Or wait, am I from Team Rocket?

Who usually falls into the ditch... Pikachu or Team Rocket?

You're Team Rocket in this scenario, sir. 

Anyways, yeah folks, I'm not entirely thrilled about Jae Yoon's "face blindness" being the reason why he doesn't recognize Won Deuk when he sees him. And it also really doesn't help us deduce whether or not Jae Yoon will eventually end up on the good side, or the bad side, you know? 

Because in this episode, he orders the innocent villagers around in what seems to be an attempt to win over the heart of the troublesome aristocrat. Remember, this was a task he was ordered to do by Kim Cha Un. PLUS! Jae Yoon was literally playing both Hong Shim and the girl from the courtesan house like a true player this episode. His totally witty, smart, funny, charming image is going down the drain!

Who run the world? ME!!!

Finally, we encounter another instance of Kim Cha Un literally exercising complete control of this entire country, when he visits the Queen and threatens her the exact same way that he threatened the King. It turns out, the person who appointed the Queen as the King's new wife was Kim Cha Un himself. Now, if Kim Cha Un really managed to obtain both written decrees from the King and the Queen... then how will Won Deuk eventually win back this country? Like, is there any lawful way????

Overall, other than the personal frustration I felt toward Jae Yoon's character letting me down, I was content with episode 9 of '100 Days My Prince'. It was a good lead-in episode to the more important episode this week, which will be tomorrow's episode 10. We're a little over halfway through the series, and the pacing has become increasingly very steady and reliable!




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