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'Dispatch' reveals ex-boyfriend threatened to upload video of his and Hara's sexual relations


On October 4, media outlet 'Dispatch' revealed shocking audio containing evidence that Hara's ex-boyfriend, referred to as 'C' by 'Dispatch', threatened to upload footage of his and Hara's sexual relations on the web.

According to 'Dispatch', 'C' himself contacted the media outlet and claimed, "I have a report to make about Goo Hara. Please give me a call." It turned out, on the evening of September 13 after Hara and 'C's altercation, 'C' contacted 'Dispatch' around 1 AM KST and sent in his "report" about Hara. At approximately 2 AM KST on the same day, 'C' message Hara with footage of their previous sexual relations, and threatened, "I will send this to 'Dispatch" as well as "I'll end your celebrity career".

Furthermore, when Hara discovered that 'C' was in possession of video footage containing such content, she sought 'C' out and got down on her knees, begging him not to spread the footage online, reported 'Dispatch'. The media outlet stated that Hara on her knees was captured via CCTV, in the clip below.

After 'C' threatened Hara with two messages containing footage of their sexual relations, Hara contacted her former entertainment company head, asking for help. Then, later, Hara's younger sister 'B' also contacted 'C' regarding the threats. Read their conversation below:

C: "Yeah, why."
B: Oppa, I'm in the restroom.
C: So what do you have? What? What?
B: No, it's just that...
C: Yeah, I'm on my way to the police station right now.
B: No, it's that unnie wants to call it two-sided violence
C: Yeah, I can do two-sided violence, and it honestly doesn't matter to me, so I don't care. I'm on my way right now.
B: No, not like that, oppa, listen to me.
C: I'm listening.
B: If oppa claims two-sided violence and unnie claims two-sided violence...
C: Yeah, it doesn't matter if I get nothing out of this. It's fine if I don't get anything out of this, yeah.
B: Oppa, the photos and the footage that you have
C: Yeah, it doesn't matter to me, B.
B: What?
C: What about the photos and the footage?
B: You sent unnie the footage.
C: Yeah, so what.
B: I didn't watch the video but,
C: Yeah, so what.
B: But it could be threatening and charges like that...
C: Yeah? But to me, you know, B, this phone call is threatening too. What? What do you want to say exactly?
B: No, it's just that this
C: So then I'm threatening? So I should just upload it? I can go in with threat charges. So what.
B: You being like that, is that what you want to happen right now?
C: No, then f***, why lie to me. Why are you even calling me.
B: No you...
C: No, then why f***ing lie to me. No, no, no, why?
B: What did I lie to you about?
C: So you just want me to do nothing and get screwed?
B: Oppa! What did I lie to you about?
C: (Hangs up).

'Dispatch's full video analysis of ex-boyfriend 'C's threat timeline can be found below. Meanwhile, back on September 27, Hara once again pressed charges against 'C' for threatening, forceful action, and more.

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