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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Friday, September 7, 2018

The Best MAMA Performances

1. Past to Present
A throwback to the time the "rookies" of 2008, 2PM, U-KISS, SHINee, 2AM, and Mighty Mouth came together to remake music from their idols growing up. What a throwback. But these rookies at the time surprised us with covered songs like "Rising Sun" by TVXQ and Moon Hee Jun's return on stage from H.O.T. Nothing shows true KPOP love than our idols covering their sunbae idols' music.
2. EXO Takes the Stage
In 2013, EXO gave us one of the best performances for "Growl" and "Beauty and the Beast." The remake of "Growl" and the boys' stage presence really provided an interactive performance all fans can connect and relate to. Plus EXO really knows how to make the most of their stage time by giving us the looks, the moves, the vocals, and their personalities.
3. Wow Fantastic Baby
Whether or not you like YG artists, you have to admit GD and Taeyang really know how to own a stage. From Taeyang's shirtless looks to G-Dragon's rapid-fire raps, they're a duo destined to take the stage. The thing that makes this stage memorable is G-Dragon's diss freestyle before "Good Boy" that really shows off his talents and true influence as an artist. And really no stage is complete without at least one rendition of "Fantastic Baby" and Taeyang being shirtless.
4. Set Them on Fire
Sorry, not BTS. But 2015 MAMA will be forever marked in history as the day all BlackJack fans lost their minds. When CL came out everyone knew the stage was going to be lit but no one expected the reunion of our YG Queens. From "Hello Bitches" to "Fire" to "I am the Best" CL and 2NE1 really reminded women worldwide how to be a pure badass without worrying about what other people had to say. The love and care 2NE1 has for each other really showed on stage, a nostalgic feeling all BlackJacks live for.
5. Guess Who
Everyone loves a good Taemin stage. From the pure aesthetic, his charisma, and his skills Taemin really shows all of who he is on stage and that's what gets him all the love he so truly deserves. 2016 was a good year for MAMA with all the powerful and empowering stages from idols we adore.
6. Boy Meets Evil
Finally right? BTS has grown in tremendous fame in the past few years. The 'WINGS' album really was a prime time for their growth and outreach to fans everywhere. 2016 MAMA stage for them really showed off their powerful dance skills and talents. From J-Hope's powerful intro to Jimin's blindfolded dance, BTS definitely has taken KPOP to a whole new stage of their own.
7. Boys Next Door Meet Girls Next Door
Two of the cutest groups G-Friend and Seventeen, came together in 2016 to give us the sweetest collaboration. Like I said, 2016 was a great year for MAMA and the artists present to really share their true colors and personalities. Not only do they give us beautiful performances but they also give us sweet skits of young love and attraction.
8. About Farewell
The beautiful Taeyeon gave us a very moving stage with "Rain." The aesthetic of the stage, her beautiful voice along with the moving song really come together to give fans a whole and heartwarming performance. Every stage Taeyeon takes, she really knows how to best engage with her audience and give her best.
9. The Queen of KPOP
It's no surprise The Queen of KPOP has delivered a powerful and memorable stage at MAMA. Along with Minhyun from Wanna One, BoA gives us a remake of her hit song "Only One" that blows fans away with the powerful and beautiful choreography. If this isn't a blast to the past for you I don't know what is. But no matter how much time passes, BoA will always be an amazing performer that will blow the stage away.
10. Revolution
Wanna One, the rapidly growing KPOP group, claimed the MAMA 2017 stage as their own giving us the most heartfelt and moving performance of "Energetic." It's no surprise they've given us one of the greatest stages of MAMA considering they are one of the hottest growing groups in KPOP.

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