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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Habits We Formed Because of K-Pop

1. ...eating more Korean food!
When groups or members do mukbangs (eating food on broadcast), it's easy to feel really hungry (and thirsty) when watching your bias! Many K-Pop fans take to enjoying Korean food a lot more often when they've converted into a full-time fan! Hey, the job isn't easy, so it makes sense to make sure you're well nourished for the bias-ing you're about to get into.
2. ...staying up late!
If you don't want to miss out on all the awesome Korean music shows, variety, drama, and performances, you MUST stay up late. It's almost a prerequisite for any international K-Pop fan that you are going to have to stay up late at one point or another. Album releases, MV drops, award show performances, and surprise V-Lives always hit the internet early in the morning or late at night, so be sure to keep that coffee hot!
3. ...trying to learn Korean!
It's hard to wait around for a subtitled version of a video to come out, and it's so frustrating when you sit down to watch your favorite group and can't understand a word! That's why many fans suddenly take it upon themselves to become linguists and learn Korean. This actually goes extremely well for many fans and they develop enough skill to speak conversationally!
4. ...wanting to travel to Korea!
For whatever reason, K-Dramas and K-Pop make Korea look like the place that dreams come true! From beautiful nightlife, historic architecture, and cultural experiences to fun shopping, cafes, and more, Korea is the place to be! Pretty much every K-Pop fan dreams of going one day!
5. ...buying K-Pop merch!
Fans love to buy merch to support their bias groups and artists. From socks with members' faces on it to lyrics on sweatshirts to hats, bags, stickers, fanart, and more, K-Pop fans will spend egregious amounts of money on any type of merch to show support!
6. ...buying gifts for their bias!
Fans will go to large extents to buy the nicest gifts for their favorite idols! Whether it's a giant Ryan plushie like the one above, or the latest Gucci and Louis Vuitton drops, fans will spare no expense on showering their favorite celebrity with gifts.
7. ...emulating their look!
Fans will take influence from their favorite artists and copy their style, look, hair, or makeup. This influence is actually really flattering on most fans and they end up looking spectacular with the fancy look they borrowed from the latest MV of their favorite group. From fashion to makeup, fans love to emulate the style of their bias.
8. ...bringing humongous cameras!
Whether it's an airport sighting, an appearance, or a concert, fans will bring or smuggle in their huge cameras to risk taking shots of their bias despite the possibility of getting kicked out. This serious dedication is common in the K-Pop fandom.
9. Tell us a K-Pop habit you've formed!
What's a K-Pop habit that you've formed ever since stanning your bias group? Share and discuss with the AKP community in the comments listed below!

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