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Posted by mkim93 AKP STAFF Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Pink's Eunji and Sung Dong Il maintain their sweet father-daughter like relationship

Eunji, Eunji, Sung Dong Il
A Pink's Eunji and Sung Dong Il are still very close!

On May 19, one representative from Sung Dong Il's company uploaded a photo of the actor in front of a coffee truck with his hands making a heart gesture. The truck was sent by Eunji who wanted to show her support towards the veteran actor who is currently getting ready for 'Miss Hammurabi', a new JTBC drama set to air starting May 21.

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This is not the first time in which the two stars showed love for each other as back in 2015 when the filming of 'Reply 1988' started, Eunji visited the set for Sung Dong Il. Also, the actor spoke positively and praised the A Pink on numerous interviews and even sent a snack truck to the set of 'Untouchable', a drama in which Eunji was apart of last December.

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They've been maintaining this amazing father-daughter like relationship since 2012 when the two first kicked off the 'Reply' drama series with 'Reply 1997' - Eunji playing Sung Si Won, the daughter of Sung Dong Il.

Would you like to see these two work together again in the near future?
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