Posted by beansss Friday, March 16, 2018

Be prepared to get beaten up by Ma Dong Suk in new bizarre 'Minute Maid Sparkling' CFs!

'Minute Maid Sparkling' has dropped a new series of bizarre TV CFs... that just might get you craving for a 'sparkling' beverage right now. 

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The brand's endorsement model is none other than action actor Ma Dong Suk, and he's ready to beat somebody up with his huge arms! In the first series of CFs above, Ma Dong Suk throws down in a wrestling match with various cans of 'Minute Maid Sparkling'. In the second series below, the actor turns into fruits like grapes and a peach, being "burst" himself. (The word for "burst" in Korean can also be used to mean "beaten up".) 

Which bizarre CF series do you prefer? 

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