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Posted by artistseunghee133 pts Tuesday, March 6, 2018

11 K-pop Music Videos that create a trippy experience

Big Bang, , Boa, Jimin, Taeyong, Red Velvet, DAY6, Cosmic Girls, Kim Chung Ha, Changmo
1. BoA 'CAMO'
Asia's always glittering star, BoA makes complete use of light and patterning in projections to create an out of this world experience. The projections creep up her body changing her skin into different substances like colorful metal or gold, flowers bloom on her face, and her single touch warps walls. It's captivating to watch.
2. Big Bang 'Bae Bae'
Big Bang's 'Bae Bae' is such a lush sight for the eyes, but the real party starts in the last minute when all the members gather and are fooling around on an unknown planet with the universe as a background and rice cakes colliding in space. It may be a scene that could never actually happen in reality but it's definitely a party.
3. Cosmic Girls 'Dreams Come True'
Cosmic Girls amp up the dreamy visuals in their newest release 'Dreams Come True' with their super saturated blue/purple palate and fantasy details. A floating bed flies across the sky, a house defies gravity, dark violet portals open, and the members can control glowing globes.
4. pH-1 'Perfect'
pH-1 isn't really K-pop, more in the realm of Korean hip-hop, but his music video for 'Perfect' is literally the perfect example of a music video incorporating mind-bending elements. Everything strange happens like glowing neon Lego pills, talking art, and a Lego man that seems to be pH-1's other persona. Nothing seems to make any sense but that's half the fun of this video.
5. Red Velvet 'Rookie'
Pretty much, any of Red Velvet's music videos have at least one element of the hallucinatory or trippy yet 'Rookie' may be one of their weirdest. A flower monster is a reoccurring motif and randomly appears in the most unexpected moments, and all the Red Velvet members enter a strange, graphic dimension.
6. DAY6 'How Can I Say'
Day 6's music video probably uses the psychedelic elements the most subtly. Through using the glitch, each of the members shimmer like a badly connected television but this subtly also allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the song while the glitch heightens the musicality.
7. Hyorin 'Blue Moon'
This whole production was a gem filled with layers of nature always overlaying Hyorin and her performance. The real mind altering, though, starts with Changmo's rap, when the visuals switch to a painterly glitchy landscape as Hyorin explores this strange environment.
8. Jimin 'Serendipity'
BTS Jimin's 'Serendipity,' is probably the most beautifully made MV in this whole list. Every moment is a psychedelic, slightly bizarre experience but Jimin's soothing voice guides the viewer through this gorgeously curated trip.
9. DPR LIVE 'Please'
DPR LIVE would never be considered K-pop but this music video was too good not to include. Every moment seems to be illustrating a trip, but unlike the other examples on this list, 'Please' paints a visual vision of a nightmare with the digital warping and flowing metallic paint that flows across the rappers' faces.
10. Kim Chung Ha 'Why Don't You Know'
Kim Chung Ha's debut music video may just seem like another gorgeous performance but similarly to Hyorin's 'Blue Moon' when the rap verses begin, 'Why Don't You Know' transforms into a landscape where the sky is actually the sea with creatures swimming across the sky.
11. Hitchhiker & Taeyong 'AROUND'
And a list of trippy videos in the K-pop world always has to include SM's Hitchhiker. Making a name for himself, as a wacky oddball DJ, his videos are a complete crazy ride from beginning to finish. It's so out there that it is hard to describe in words but it is a must watch.

  1. Big Bang
  2. Boa
  3. Jimin
  4. Taeyong
  5. Red Velvet
  6. DAY6
  7. Cosmic Girls
  8. Kim Chung Ha
  9. Changmo
  10. DPR-LIVE
  11. PH-1
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