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Duble Kick Company defends Momoland's sajaegi accusations with invoice evidence of 2nd press album sales

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Previously, due to the ongoing sajaegi (chart manipulation) accusations against Momoland's 3rd mini album 'Great!', Hanteo chart has requested an official investigation to the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. 

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After the news went public, Momoland's label Duble Kick Company has decided to defend their artist, by publicly sharing invoice evidence of the group's second press album sales. 

The label proved that one buyer from Japan, a representative from the Japanese company in charge of Momoland's various fan meetings, high touch events, and fan sign events, legally purchased a large number of Momoland's 'Great!' album, by sharing images of the sale's invoice and payment confirmation document. 

Duble Kick further went on to explain, "In early February, we received a call from LOEN, the company in charge of distributing the 'Great!' album. They were receiving constant album orders from buyers and asked for permission to print a second press edition. We debated on the matter for a long time. The first press edition of Momoland's 3rd mini album consisted of 4,000 copies. This was because the group's previous albums never surpassed 4,000 copies in sales. However, this album was different, receiving more love and attention than before... In order to print additional albums, we have to pay additional processing fees ranging from 40,000,000 - 50,000,000 KRW (~ 37,000 - 47,000 USD) per every 1,000 copies. Our company constantly lacks funding. So as embarrassing as it sounds, we were uncertain about approving a second press edition."

The label reasoned that they ultimately decided to go for second press productions, while also lengthening Momoland's promotional activities on broadcasts, through fan signs, and more, until March to make up for the limited funds. The sajaegi accusations emerged just after the decision to produce second press editions. 

According to Duble Kick, the mass order for the 'Great!' album from Japan occurred on February 2, then again on February 6. The Japanese company decided to use the 'Great!' album as part of the official merchandise for Momoland's upcoming Japanese promotions, as their 'MOMOLAND The Best ~Korean Ver.~' album, set for release this February 28, excluding their hit track "Bboom Bboom". 

Finally, Duble Kick Company said, "We will await the Ministry's official investigation patiently. We ask for a thorough investigation." 

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