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Court rules SECRET Ji Eun's contract with TS Entertainment invalid + Hyosung also in legal battle with TS

SECRET, Hyosung, Ji Eun

SECRET may be facing disbandment. 

Former member Sunhwa left the group when her original contract expired back in 2016. Since then, the other girls have also gone into a legal battle with TS Entertainment. Most recently on February 8, the court declared Ji Eun's contract with the label invalid.

Ji Eun began her court trials against TS Entertainment in August of 2017. She had asked for the court to state that her contract with TS Entertainment, which started in October, 2009 and renewed in March, 2015, was no longer valid. They went through two hearings. Ji Eun claimed that TS Entertainment was not transparent in monetary matters, and had not even fulfilled the basics of their management service. She claimed that the contract was basically invalid from May, 2017, when she sent them a certification of contents.

She asserted that her earnings from her drama 'Sweet Home, Sweet Honey' had not been properly divided, that they constantly delayed paying for her lessons, rent, and car lease as stated in the contract, and sold her exclusive contract rights to a 3rd party without her agreement. The court saw her second and third claims as valid, as TS Entertainment was proven guilty of having sold her contract to an acting label, then sending her an agreement to sign through mobile messenger. They saw this especially as a critical matter in certifying that her contract was no longer valid.

Hyosung is also reportedly in a legal battle with TS Entertainment over monetary matters.

TS Entertainment claimed that earnings had been properly divided, and said they had proof such as signatures and CCTV recordings of the division. (The court actually did not find TS Entertainment guilty of Ji Eun's first claim, which was the earnings division.) On their legal battle with Hyosung, they said, "The label wanted to manage her and wanted her to continue her entertainment activities, but she denied that and wanted a legal battle, so we are responding."

On SECRET's future plans, the label said, "We are currently only planning Hana's music promotions. If the members want music and entertainment activities, we are always ready." Stay tuned for updates.

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