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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Tuesday, January 2, 2018

K-Pop Trends That Need To End in 2018

1. Bowl Cuts
Though many idols have them and rock them, the bowl cut has unfortunately been a favorite haircut among K-Pop hair stylists. One netizen even noticed that SM is a repeat offender of giving their idols bowl cuts, claiming that all their maknaes have it at one point or another. Yes, some idols slay the look, but I think it's better left in 2017.
2. Doing a Comeback and then DISAPPEARING
Artists like BLACKPINK, OH!BLISS and others delivered compelling comebacks, but for whatever reason, dropped off the face of the Earth after those promotions. In 2018, I want no more disappearing artists! Just great music for us, please!
3. The 'Western' Look
Though K-Pop does have to maintain its exciting visual aspects by styling idols a certain way, 2017 has brought about a lot of Western-centric dyed hair, and blue color contacts. Though some idols rock the look, the "Western" look is just ready to be laid to rest. I hope in 2018, K-Pop idols are styled to accentuate their natural features!
4. Survival Shows
Truthfully, there's nothing that's particularly irksome about survival shows except the fact that they always, without fail, manage to plant you on the couch for hours! With Show Me The Money, Unpretty Rapstar, Mix9, The Unit, Stray Kids, and more... who has time to catch up with everything in 2018?
5. Mullets
A trend I wish never came back from the 80's is the mullet. In 2017, I saw both incredibly well-known idols, G-Dragon and Byun Baekhyun rocking mullets, yet I wish I didn't. Fun Fact: When G-Dragon first debuted his mullet hairdo, netizens feared that he'd start the resurgence of the trend and encouraged the unsightly hairstyle to come back.
6. Obsessing Over YouTube likes
Views - I can understand. Views get you music show wins, but likes? Likes are a stan-ridden warzone filled with superfans whose biases mean more than anything to them. These fans often have created piles of drama on Twitter and other social media over likes on a YouTube video. In 2018, let's leave obsessing over YouTube likes (and those overdone YouTube comments) in last year's memory.
7. Idols being pressured into aegyo
Everyone loves to watch a cute aegyo from an even more adorable K-Pop idol, but 2017 has been filled with forced aegyo that's left us cringing more than wanting more! The secondhand embarrassment I feel when seeing the uncomfortable idol's turn to do aegyo is best left a passing thought.
8. Disbandments
Though this can't necessarily be controlled, I would love if our favorite groups would just stop disbanding! It seems like whether you want it to happen or not, whole groups are breaking up or members are choosing to terminate their contracts. It's sad to see them go, but excited to see what 2018 brings! I hope our groups continue to slay the K-Pop scene into the next year!
9. Extremely Destroyed Denim
I love a little-ripped denim from time to time, but the overly destroyed denim that cuffs at the bottom is a no-go for 2018. Idols already have to deal with a number of restrictions on their appearance, as well as tons of meticulous scrutiny, so let's let them at least dress normally!
10. English
The final thing I want to see abandoned in 2018 is demanding that idols learn to speak English! Idols do not have to speak a certain language just because fans demand them to, and it is about time we appreciate all they do to create amazing comebacks, albums, concerts and more for us! Let's let 2018 change us all into better fans.

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