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Posted by eric_r_wirsing AKP STAFF Friday, December 8, 2017

[MV & Album Review] DAY6 – 'Moonrise'



Track List:

1. Better Better
2. I Like You
3. What Can I Do
4. I'll Remember
5. Whatever!
6. Be Lazy
7. Hi Hello
8. I Loved You
9. When You Love Someone
10. All Alone
11. Pouring
12. I Need Somebody
13. I'll Try
14. Colors (Final Ver.) (CD ONLY)
15. Like That Sun (Final Ver.) (CD ONLY)
16. Out of My Mind (Final Ver.) (CD ONLY)
17. Habits (Final Ver.) (CD ONLY)
18. Freely (Final Ver.) (CD ONLY)

DAY6 releases the culmination of their year-long EVERYDAY6 project, where they released singles every month. 'Moonrise' is their second studio album and a completely appropriate title for the end of a day(6). The LP consists of 18 tracks: three new songs, 10 tracks from their previous releases, as well as "final" versions of the songs from their first EP 'The Day.' Note: this review covers the new tracks. I don't generally do remixes unless they're noteworthy, and the other songs on the album have already been reviewed. 

The album kicks off with "Better Better," which is an energetic, heavy rock tune. It's not quite as powerful as an F.T. Island tune, but it comes close, particularly in Young K and Jae's parts. It's a good rocker and put me in a better mood. "I Like You" is where they slow it down. It's the title track, and it's a softer rock tune, punctuated by longer sustains on the notes. Jae and Sungjin carry the chorus and really lend a nice emotional bent to this one. 

"I'll Try" is a ballad. It's pretty stripped down and controlled, there are no orchestral pretensions here. They use the boys' vocals to carry the tune and towards the end, Dowoon, Wonpil, and Young K combine their voices in an angelic chorus.

Overall, I like this one. If you have to call it curtains on a particular project, then go out with a bang. And they do here. Not only do you have all the hits that you might be familiar with, you also have three solid new songs to add to your playlist. Given what they came up with here, I'm curious to see what the boys come up with next.


The MVs for the last half of the project all tie in together. In this one, one of the boys is trying to get the attention of a girl he likes. He cobbles something together on the roof, and we don't see until about the last half exactly what he's doing. He dangles a giant balloon off the roof, and she spies it through the window of her shop. The balloon says "I like you," just like the song.

Interspersed throughout are the performance scenes on the roof. As previously stated, no dance moves for these boys, it's all about presence. And they radiate that charisma pretty well, playing their instruments for all they're worth.

While the roof performance sequences are nothing new, I do like the parts where they look out from the roof, and you can see the city at night. The lights are gorgeous, and it makes the MV that much better.

But still, it didn't need any help. I may have been merciless to their previous MVs, but they turned it up and around with June's 'Sunrise.' I like a good romance (K-drama addict: guilty), and this one has that. The protagonist got a smile for his efforts, so that's worth something. Give this one a thumbs up.


MV Relevance...........9
MV Production..........9
MV Concept..............9

Album Production.....8
Album Concept.........8



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