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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Monday, November 13, 2017

The Best Hidden Camera Pranks

1. HyunA's Coffeeshop!
For Hyunax19, HyunA went undercover in a coffee shop and sold coffee to unsuspecting patrons to test whether they would recognize her or not! This prank was harmless and good-natured as she lovingly took photos with fans when they figured out who she was! What an angel!
2. Seventeen messing with Minghao
Somehow, the devious members of Seventeen (primarily Jeonghan) messed around with fellow member, Minghao, and convinced him that you could pay with abalones instead of cash! This video caused #ProtectMinghaoAtAllCosts to trend due to fans of the group wanting to protect precious and innocent, Minghao!
3. Hani and the fake customers
With a restaurant of what she thought were real customers, Hani of EXID accidentally and very literally snatched a wig off of someone's head! Hani believes she has ruined the couple's first date but moves to shield the poor baldness from their date immediately! How heroic!
4. BTS' crying girl in the elevator
In their original variety show, Rookie King, the boys of BTS are unsuspecting as they go into the elevator to shoot what they believe is a music video snippet. Unfortunately, the crew has planted a crying girl who has just broken up with her boyfriend. Some members, ahem, Jungkook... are extremely awkward, but some members take to consoling and asking if the girl is ok! How sweet!
5. The ghost of KNK
The members of KNK were under the impression that they'd be doing a reaction filming to their new MV, however, they found out that there was not only a specially-ordered jump scare awaiting them but a masked ghost hiding around the corner to freak them out even more! The pure evil of this hidden camera prank comes from the fact that you can hear the muffled laughter of the masked ghost!
6. TWICE being the awkward third wheel in the elevator
The girls of TWICE were pranked by being put into an elevator and running into a couple amidst a very heated makeout session. Some members found the hidden camera and some simply laughed, but it seems like every member reacted a little differently!
7. Ten screams like a girl
Similar to the KNK prank, they got Ten from NCT with an unsuspecting jump scare. Naturally, he lost it, but when the actual ghost was behind him, he let out a blood-curdling scream akin to a young girl in a horror movie! Who knew he could get his voice to go that high? Ten then hides his face in embarrassment when they show it on 'Hit The Stage'.
8. Bang PD is a savage and RM falls for it
RM of BTS was faced with the ultimate and most savage prank of all time when he was asked by his boss Bang PD to choose between pursuing a solo career or BTS. With all the others in on it, RM showed his loyalty to the group by choosing BTS regardless of the opportunity. A truly good leader! What a stressful prank!
9. No Mercy Prank!
Arguably the most realistic hidden camera prank to date, all the participants of this Starship Entertainment debut survival show are fully invested in the characters they have chosen to drive the prank home! The fight seems real and the feelings they have portrayed, too! That moment when Hyungwon gets angry and grabs the collar of his fellow member is the most heated moment in prank history! We almost thought it was real until they all laugh about it at the end.
10. GOT7's Ghost Prank
GOT7 had an awesome prank series and the best one was the ghost one. The boys watch a scary video but they had no idea that a ghost was under their table!

Tell us your favorite idol hidden camera pranks in the comments below!

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