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Nancy and Daisy select Girls' Generation as Momoland's role model

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Momoland members Nancy and Daisy talked about their role models and celebrating their 1st-anniversary this year in an interview with 'International bnt'.

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Q: What have you been up to lately?

Nancy: We recently wrapped up our promotions for our 2nd mini album 'Freeze'.  We're currently busy with individual activities and preparing for our next album.

Q: Are you aware of how popular you've become?

Nancy: Since we're still a rookie group per se, there are many people who don't recognize us at events.  But a few days ago, we were taken aback when the crowd suddenly sang a compilation of our tracks.  We were really surprised and would like to thank everyone for the support.

Q: November 10 marked exactly 1 year since your official debut.  Please share your thoughts.

Daisy: Momoland debuted through variety program Mnet 'Survival Momoland'.  We were glad to be able to appear on TV as trainees at the time.  We were even more delighted after we made our official debut.  

Nancy: We can't believe it's our 1st anniversary!

Q: What makes you stand out from the rest of the girl groups?

Nancy: I would have to say our unique charm.

Daisy: Momoland is well known for bubbly charms.  Our refreshing, cheerful vibe adds to that.  At times we are playful while acting as rascals the next.  All the members are full of energy.

Q: Who are Nancy and Daisy's personal role models?

Nancy: "f(x)'s Krystal sunbaenim. I want to become like her, performing in a variety of platforms such as singing, dancing, acting, and modeling.  Also, she is just beautiful overall.  I am attracted to her chic charm, it's incredible."

Daisy: My role model is HyunA sunbaenim.  She dances well but her charisma on stage is just through the roof.  I also respect the fact that she creates her own music with confidence.  I would like to present a strong impression during a live concert.  Actually, I had the chance to bump into her at a music program.  She looked so powerful on stage but she was such a sweetheart and lovely person off stage."

Nancy: "It was truly an honor to even see her performance. And she said she was a huge fan of our music. We gifted her with our album that time and our behind the scenes video included HyunA sunbae's happy reaction backstage and all of us replayed that segment about 10 times.  We are really thankful."

Q: Who is Momoland's role model?

Nancy: Girls' Generation sunbaenim.  They are still going strong.  And they recently returned with their 10th-anniversary album; I'm envious and it's so cool. I hope we can happily promote for that long like they did.

Daisy: The members are also very passionate in their individual activities as well.  I hope that Momoland can also shine individually, and appeal to the masses.

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