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Posted by eric_r_wirsing AKP STAFF Friday, November 3, 2017

[Drama Review] 'While You Were Sleeping' – Episodes 23 & 24

Suzy, Lee Jong Suk

Things are heating up in the court case regarding the murdered student.

Jae Chan's plan is the talk of the office. But he's out in the park, berating himself for even suggesting it. Hong Joo shows up to offer encouragement. At the jail, Tae Min blames the student for where he's at, but Yoo Bum tells him that he's a murderer, and that's why he's on trial. Jae Chan resolves to charge the man with murder. In the courtroom, Yoo Bum objects to Jae Chan's evidence. Afterwards, at home, Hong Joo's mom tells her to stop blaming herself for the terrible things she sees in her dreams. Mom is just worried that she'll be hurt seeing the man that she met at her dad's funeral (Jae Chan). Later, Yoo Bum disqualifies the child as a witness. But Jae Chan tells the boy he's Santa Claus' friend, and the boy opens up. His testimony is consistent with the evidence. The young prosecutor confronts Yoo Bum, and they square off as rivals.

Dae Gu, Seung Won's classmate, asks if Jae Chan can meet with his father. Seung Won tells him he's busy. Chan Ho pees normally for the first time after transplant surgery. In the courtroom, Yoo Bum tries to manipulate the emotions of the student's father, by saying it was truly the doctor who murdered the student by stopping his heart. A technicality under criminal law. This causes a commotion, and Hong Joo tries to calm down the dad. Jae Chan counters by saying this doesn't exonerate the accused. He appeals to the court's humanity and wins. Later, Hong Joo's mom apologizes for getting in the way of Jae Chan and Hong Joo's relationship. Jae Chan borrows Ji Kwang's new sports car and heads to the ocean with Hong Joo. All is not bright and happy, however: Dae Gu's dad hangs himself in prison. In the suicide note, he wrote that he felt falsely accused. And we know this is one of Woo Tak's secrets...

Dae Gu
's father is an interesting case. He felt framed, and Woo Tak was strangely distracted while the TV is announcing details in his suicide. Indicating that indeed this is one of the secrets Hak Young would blab to the police department. Obviously, the next episodes are going to deal with that.

But Woo Tak's secrets...everyone has secrets, but these are full-blown skeletons in Woo Tak's closet. And if he helped frame an innocent man, that calls not only his career as an officer of the law into question but his morals as well. How much more is he hiding? And can we trust him knowing this?

Yoo Bum has a serious superiority complex. Not only is he the one that almost consistently screwed up Jae Chan's life as a youth, he's still at it, trying to cause mischief with his mercenary leanings. Almost without fail, Yoo Bum will take the side of the guilty party, and try to make them look innocent. What I don't get is why he hasn't been disbarred yet. He's fixed documents and evidence in order to win cases. I have a hard time believing that's gone unnoticed.

I love how Jae Chan doesn't want to hurt Hong Joo, even to the point of not being with her -- though that comes perilously close to my pet peeve: "I'm leaving you for your own good." They always bust that out in K-dramas, and it really annoys me. Over in the States, all that means is "I want someone else and am breaking up with you." And I'm a firm believer in happily ever after.  

And we finally get to see Jae Chan and Hong Joo lighten up a bit and head to the ocean. This is a good thing. We've been running from one crisis to the next, and so it's good to get a little rest and relaxation. Plus, I'm a sucker for cute romantic moments. And we got some stunning Instagrammable shots here. Maybe with her mom out of the way we'll see more happy occasions for the couple.

And once again, this show exceeds my expectations. Even with a lot of talk, there's still some really intense drama here. And that's what I like. Rather than a lot of maudlin navel-gazing, give me some thrills I can sink my teeth into. And these installments had a lot for me to chew on.



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