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BTS describe how they felt performing on stage at the AMAs and their future goals

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Making their historic US television debut at the '2017 American Music Awards', BTS is plowing through their congested schedule in the States, and appearing on numerous talk shows and radio programs. Despite the busy schedule, media outlet Chosun had the opportunity to sit down with the K-Pop group for an exclusive interview before their photo shoot with 'Vogue'.

Q: First and foremost, you received an explosive response after performing "DNA" on stage at the AMAs.  How do you feel?

RM: "We still can't believe it.  The AMAs are among the top 3 award ceremonies, along with Billboard and The Grammys. It's a huge achievement for a Korean artist to be invited to such an event."

j-hope: "We're used to watching the AMAs on screen, it was a totally different experience actually attending in person and seeing all the fans cheering for us, it was very special.  It was truly an honor and we would be more than delighted to perform on stage again at the AMAs next year if the opportunity arises."

Q: Your secret to successfully utilizing social media is 'not having personal accounts'.

SUGA: "I didn't like social media in the past.  I was worried that if I started social media, there would be more risky moments involved.  However, I realized the best way is to just be your natural self."

Jimin: People often get the impression that we're avid social media users, but I think it's actually because all 7 of us use 1 account. (laughs) I think that's a good thing."

SUGA: Using one account also shows our great teamwork.

Q: Songs with difficult choreography?

RM: "Danger". I honestly don't know since I don't have many dancing parts.

j-hope: Blood, Sweat, Tears...I still remember performing the complicated dance moves during our concert. 

Jimin: It's different for every member, but for me, it was 'MIC Drop'.  There were so many segments where we had to sing and dance simultaneously. It was hard to keep up.

Q: What are your future goals?

Jin: "I want to be happy and live a joyful lifestyle."

j-hope: I personally would like to release a mixtape (related to hip-hop). I'm working on it now.

Jungkook There are many things I want to accomplish this year and the following years to come.  I want to become a better singer, dancer, and songwriter.

V: I want to become a more charming actor.  I want to become an amazing BTS member and become a versatile performer.

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