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Actor Yoo Ah In confronts 'feminists' and Han Seo Hee via social media

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Actor Yoo Ah In once again turned to social media to voice his opinion, and he had something to say about feminism and "so-called feminists," including controversial figure Han Seo Hee.

On November 27, Yoo Ah In wrote to his official Facebook page, "These so-called 'feminists' out there are slashing the very reputation of famous people and violating their rights, causing the victims to endure this harsh reality."

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The actor is currently in a heated debate involving "feminism" with netizens. The controversial conversation began after Yoo Ah In referred to a "zucchini/squash," a metaphor for penis, in response to a netizen's comment. A netizen commented, "Yoo Ah In is just some guy who seems nice from about 20 meters away. He's making me cringe at random comments like a squash inside a fridge saying 'what does it mean to be in solitude?'" The actor then responded, "Have you been hit by a zucchini before? (cringes)."

Yoo Ah In has since explained his comment, saying, "I was jokingly responding to a long post ridiculing me. My response to an anonymous person who wasn't a woman has been taken as misogyny. That was the start to this unexpected, baseless situation."

However, this isn't the only post netizens are taking issue with. A user on Twitter posted, "Stop pretending to be a cool guy while candy-coating BS #out_yooahin_fromtwitter," to which Yoo Ah In responded, "Stop megalians who pretend to be feminists while candy-coating hate." "Megalian" is known as a term widely used to insult feminists in South Korea.

This is when Han Seo Hee added her two cents, writing, "Stop cosplaying as a feminist. I'm not the one who's taking advantage of feminism. It's laughable," along with an alleged quotation from Yoo Ah In that reads, "They don't call men 'male actors,' but they call women 'female actors.' It means that in reality, women have still not yet reached an equal level in society."

Yoo Ah In apparently saw her post as he wrote, "Don't spit on a smiling face. Just eat this #ricecake. I'll 'delete' this for you tomorrow. Be as angry as you want. Here's another #gift for you (pill emoji)," referring to her marijuana controversy involving Big Bang's T.O.P. Han Seo Hee then responded with a less than mature comment, writing, "What did you say? I couldn't hear you because your penis is so small. lol," and added a post with two men and a pink heart, referring to rumors that allege Yoo Ah In is homosexual. The controversy is now being called "Zucchini gate" online.

In related news, Yoo Ah In was also the subject of controversy for his social media post concerning the death of actor Kim Joo Hyuk.

What are your thoughts on the situation?

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