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Girls' Generation stylist reveals shocking truth about low pay + thoughts on the members leaving SM

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An SM Entertainment stylist revealed the shocking truth of the entertainment industry in an interview with The Korea Herald

Seo Soo Kyung is a stylist who has worked with Girls' Generation since 2011. She's well known for making the top idol stars look fabulous on and off-stage with the trendiest outfits. Currently, the fashion expert runs her own social media page, 'Soo's Style', where she shares trendy fashion tips to the public. She's also teaching styling at Chungkang College of Cultural Industries

With her outstanding resume and experience in the industry, people easily assume Seo Soo Kyung has made a good fortune out of her career. However, Seo Soo Kyung revealed making money as a stylist is extremely difficult. In fact, it took Seo Soo Kyung 3 months to earn 300,000 KRW (265 USD) when she first entered the field. 

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In regards to the low pay, Seo Soo Kyung explained, "It's a vicious cycle. K-pop artists and people working with them such as stylists and managers are usually lowly paid, as K-pop agencies, including Girls' Generation's agency SM Entertainment, don't get paid much from working with TV stations."

She also revealed, "Did you know that SM gives the lowest salary for their artists and employees in the industry? They have this kind of mindset, 'You should thank us for being able to work with a superstar group like Girls' Generation'."

Seo Soo Kyung hopes to create a better working environment for the hoobae stylists following her path. 

In the interview, Seo Soo Kyung also shared thoughts on the recent news about Sooyoung, Seohyun, and Tiffany leaving SM Entertainment. 

She commented, "Well, I don't think's it's such a big deal because I don't think Girls' Generation will disband", and continued, "People keep asking my opinion about the issue as if it's a big problem. If they are to disband, I would be heartbroken too, as I'm also a huge fan of the group. But the thing is, members are not taking the matter seriously, and I personally think Girls' Generation won't disband."

She also praised Big Bang for starting the trend for idols to wear outfits from designer collections. You can read the full interview here.

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