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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Best Korean Variety Shows Ever

1. Family Outing (2008-2010)
If we were to talk classic variety shows, Family Outing is definitely one to start. When a group of 8 famous idols throughout Korea gather together and share two days and one night in a remote, rural, region, things can get wild. Family Outing shares the bond between friend become family through games and guest stars! With heart touching and belly aching laughter, Family Outing is a show that will warm the hearts of old all fans. Here's a sweet song they made about their adventures together.
2. We Got Married (2008-2017)
Another older classic is 'We Got Married,' where various KPOP idols are paired up together and are "married." They're expected to complete certain missions per week that share the struggles and sweetness of married life. From strangers to close friends, this show brings together idols we would never expect to be together to show a cute new side to them. There have been many memorable couples over the years but my favorite is the Adam Couple where Jo Kwon writes and dedicates a song to his "wife," Ga In. The show went off the air due to less interest in the show but it may come back in the future.
3. Law of the Jungle (Since 2011)
This show takes a different twist on celebrity shows by combining natural documentaries, human drama, and new programming concepts. Generally, celebrities go to less inhabited places and are expected to survive on their own and live with locals. Traveling to various places like Indonesia, Africa, Oceana, and more; Law of the Jungle really brings a whole new perspective to variety shows. Here's a silly video of innocent Kim Seokjin being teased by Cheng Xiao.
4. Weekly Idol (Since 2011)
Led by comedian, Jeong Hyeong-don, and rapper, Defconn, this show invites various KPOP artists where they play various games such as the most famous Random Play Dance and X2 Speed Challenge. This show gives fans a brand new way to get to know their favorite idols and watch them succeed (or fail) at various activities that makes our belly hurt from laughter. Check out this amazing 2x fast dance rookie group, Seventeen, performs!
5. Infinite Challenge (2005-2017)
Also known as "the nation's variety show" and "Korea's real first variety," Infinite Challenge has been successful for over ten years! This show provides a place for guests to face silly, absurd, and occasionally impossible challenges. As a satirical comedy variety show, the six hosts aspire to show comedic gags that all friends love. With stars like Taeyang and G-Dragon, this show provides all types of entertainment for fans of all ages. The show is currently off the air due to the MBC Strike.
6. Running Man (Since 2010)
Another fan favorite, Running Man is one of the long-running variety show that many fans look forward to watching each week. With 8 permanent member and various guest stars, Running Man is an urban environment shows where MCs and guests are to complete missions at different landmarks such as Petite France and even globally like Indonesia and Singapore! Here's a preview of their latest episode!
7. The Return of Superman (Since 2013)
In case no one knew, being a mother is hard work. In this show, celebrity dads are left to care for their kids for 48 hours while their wives get to enjoy some time off. This show helps build the bond between father and child(rens) as well as giving acknowledgment for all the hard work moms put into the lives of their children every day. For all the baby lovers, this show is for you! Here's a clip of the nation's most adorable triplets!
8. Knowing Brothers (2015-Present)
Although a relatively newer show, Knowing Brother's still manages to reel in fans from all over the world. The concept is that the MCs are high school students while the guests are transferred students. Through various school like events such as entrance exams, second period and guess things about me, this show provides a lot of laughter and fun for its fans. BTS will be their guest for the next episode of Knowing Brothers next week!
9. X-Man (2003-2007)
And last but not least, the legendary X-Man show that was truly the start of a great era for Korean variety shows. Through various missions to find the 'X-Man,' this show pits friends and celebrities against one another as they engage in various fun activities.

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