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[MV & Album Review] Golden Child – 'Gol-Cha!'

Golden Child


Track List:

1. Gol-Cha!
2. DamDaDi
3. With Me
4. What Happened
5. I Like You So Much
6. SEA

INFINITE's little brother group Golden Child have just debuted with their first mini-album 'Gol-Cha!' The EP has 6 tracks including the intro. Even better, the title track was composed by members Gavin, JayJay, and Yeah Nice. Tag and Jangjun penned their own rap lyrics, to boot. It's not every day a rookie band can design their own sound. To make things complete, the group has Daeyeol, the younger brother of INFINITE's own Sungyeol

"Gol-Cha!" is their intro track, and it's an extremely promising techno piece, full of equal parts dignity and mystery. A good beat to dance to or just listen to while cruising around the city although it doesn't really fit with the rest of the songs.

And the title track "DamDaDi" throws the intro right out the window. It's loud, frenetic, and an absolutely perfect summer bop. It hangs together well, and I particularly love when all 11 members hit the chorus. It gives this song some guts and gives me hope for what I'm in for on the rest of this disc.

They don't lose any energy on "With Me." You've got a piano, horns, and an absolute fire chorus. Frankly, I found myself nodding along with the beat. It is also jam packed with hooks! Every single line has an easily repeatable part -- which probably makes it a strong contender for a world record. And I love how they don't really let up. The writers really knew what they were doing, making it a joy to hear.

"What Happened" is a little slower, and has a club-banger aesthetic. All the rappers are on deck for this tune. The chorus has a stomping beat, nice and powerful, just the way I like it. The bridges slow it down a little, but they rock too. And I like the staccato effect with the synths as the melody crashes around me. An awesome song.

"I Like You So Much" is much more of a traditional pop song. It's alright, and I think the chorus saves it, as most of the rest of it is kind of bland and forgettable. It seems a little bit like filler, and I am not a fan of the song.

"SEA" actually has a lot to recommend it, as they start out with a flute, and it ends up in synth heaven. I love the techno effects, as they lend it a majesty that serves the tune well. It makes this song a wonderful finisher.

Are they as good as INFINITE? Well, they're different. When they're on they are definitely on, and most of the tunes are loud, cheery, and get your blood pumping. "With Me" and "What Happened" are intense, and the title track is dope. Was it a good debut? Album-wise, you bet!


This MV made me sad, despite everything being upbeat.

It's because everything seemed really silly, from the dance moves right down to the clothes. And because it looked like they gave it their all. And it still fell flat.

I was hoping to like the video more. I was hoping to report that they made a strong debut here. But everything looked awkward. I felt like I was watching an episode of LazyTown, rather than a K-pop video. And I realize this was probably due to Woolim and not at all a reflection of the boys' wishes, but it just seemed embarrassing and juvenile.

Not every MV has to be Oscar-worthy, but this just looked super cringy to me.


MV Relevance...........7
MV Production..........7
MV Concept..............6

MV SCORE: 6.67

Album Production.....9
Album Concept.........8



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