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The late Choi Jin Sil's daughter Choi Jun Hee accused of being a bully and fishing for attention

By jennywill   Wednesday, August 9, 2017   50,278   1,293   36



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Choi Jun Hee, the daughter of the late actress Choi Jin Sil, has been accused of bullying and also of trying to fish for attention.

She has recently accused her grandmother of abuse, and among many things accused her also of not giving her money to even buy school books. However, now it's now being pointed out that Choi Jun Hee may not be completely telling the truth.

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Observers claimed that she has always fished for attention, even going as far as using her mother's death. When she started becoming a BJ for Afreeca under her own name, she did not get many viewers. She then changed her broadcast name to 'Late Choi Jin Sil's daughter Choi Jun Hee's broadcast' so she would get more viewers, even though her broadcast had nothing to do with her mother. She also uploaded a photo of her mother on her profile for the site.

Additionally, she has been accused of bullying her classmates. Previously, she posted photos of her classmates onto Facebook with written captions such as, "Seriously, if you look like this, don't you have any consideration for other people's eyes?" and "It's a talent to look [this ugly]." She has also been accused of bullying her classmates.

On accusations that her grandmother had not given her any money to buy school books, netizens are finding it very hard to believe, bringing up that Choi Jun Hee's grandmother paid tuition for Choi Jun Hee to attend an expensive private international school. Netizens also pointed out that Choi Jun Hee always has makeup and circle lenses on, as well as piercings, so if she really wanted to study, she could have cut back on any one of those to buy study books.

What do you think about all the accusations?

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