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[Song & MV Review] DAY6 – 'Every DAY6 August'



Track List:

1. What Can I Do
2. Whatever!

DAY6 is coming your way with another monthly single, 'Every DAY6 August!' This one has two rock tracks, "Surprise!" and the sardonic love song  asking "What Can I Do."

"What Can I Do" is the title track, and starts out promising, with some fire sounding feedback. The whole effect is fuzzy and really makes the song pop. Once it hits the pre-chorus, though, it loses its edge and kinda turns into a simplistic sing-song chorus that blends in too much with the rest of the track. It's kind of a letdown as the tune had such a strong intro.

"Whatever!" Is a stronger song than the title track. For one, it is a lot more consistent. For another, it just hangs together better, with the occasional hook and a more emotional delivery. The chorus is punchier. It gives you the payoff that the main verses were setting up. And I think the vocals are overall better, with a richness and variety that are somewhat lacking in "What Can I Do."

So that's where we're at -- I'm just not a fan of "What Can I Do." I thought "maybe it's just that I'm unfamiliar with the song." You know how a song grows on you the more you hear it? Well, I tried that -- the chorus of the title track still annoys me. The other song is still better IMHO.


In some ways, the MV goes right along with the song lyrics, as the boys keep casting longing glances at the girl. Jae appears to be the clear winner here since most of the MV she's walking and laughing with him. However, there's a twist ending...

There's no dancing, mainly because DAY6 is not that kind of band. They did get them out of that same studio for half the video, so I have to give them credit for that. And the drama scenes were cute.

I thought it was fairly well-acted and well-shot. The boys did a great job of being obsessed, forlorn, or feeling betrayed, sometimes all in the same scene. I thought the final scene with them shooting hoops went on a little too long, though that wasn't a deal-breaker. I also liked the school environment -- that setting is nearly always fun to me.

So, did I like it? Yes. Yes, I did.


MV Relevance.......8
MV Production......8
MV Concept..........8

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