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Jeon Yul and Gayoung say goodbye to Stellar and Twinkle in handwritten letters

Stellar, Jeon Yul, Gayoung
Pascal Entertainmenthas announced
, stating, "Stellar's original members Gayoung and Jeon Yul have decided to graduate from the group with the end of their contracts ahead," along with handwritten letters from the girls.

Gayoung's letter is as follows:

"Hello. This is Stellar's Gayoung.
I don't know how to start. Until now, I've written a lot of things and a lot of letters, but today I'm writing the most difficult and heartbreaking letter for me.
First of all, I'd like to apologize to the fans who looked forward to my first letter in a while and were probably excited by the alert.
It seems like just yesterday when I was only 20 years old and entered this company with my dreams in mind. Already 7 years have passed, and the moment I thought would never come has come. My contract ends on August 31.
To be honest, I wondered whether it would be better to let you know beforehand or to show you a smiling image of myself until the very end and went back and forth a hundred times. However, I thought it was better to tell you now before the concert ahead. This is why I'm giving you this bad news before the concert.
Honestly, I went through a lot of difficulties while promoting as Stellar, but I was able to sing good songs and receive a lot of love because of the fans. I was able to become more dependable through these many experiences, and I think I was able to mature as well... I spent my entire youth with Stellar, and it's very precious to me. Of course, it's still precious. That's why it's even more difficult to move on.
To our fans...
As in the lyrics for 'Twinkle', I thank you for making a nobody like me into someone special. Because of our girl group concepts, you probably went through a lot of hardships with us, but you always stayed firmly by our side. I was able to endure all the difficulties and enjoy myself because of the fans. Thank you for gifting me such good memories in my life.
Though I'm saying goodbye because my company and I have different thoughts on our futures, I still want to do music, act, radio DJ, write, compose, and study a lot of things and challenge myself even if it takes a long time.
I think I met the people who love me because I was a Stellar member. I want to tell them I'm sorry that I couldn't be with Stellar until the end. I think it would be selfish of me to ask you to cheer me on even if I leave the team, so I won't say that. However, I'm going to work hard where you can see me and where you can't see me.
And to my members who I love. I thank you so much, and I'm sorry. Though we didn't complete our promise as of now, let's keep our promise someday! I was so happy and thankful to live as Stellar's Gayoung. Though I'm disappointed I can't greet all the fans who've been with us and each of the staff members... I thank you so much. Stellar and Twinkle. I love you all.
-Written by Stellar's Gayoung on August 23, 2017 Wednesday."

Jeon Yul's letter is below:

"Hello, this is Stellar's maknaeJeon Yul. I didn't imagine a day would come when I would write a letter like this... My heart hurts that I have to write a letter like this to Twinkle. I'm writing and erasing even now because I don't know how to relay all my thoughts... As expected, it's difficult to give you news like this...
After a lot of thought, I've decided to go on a new journey after my contract with the agency ends on the 31st. I still remember the day I first stood on stage as Stellar, August 25, 2011, and I even remember the temperature. The memories are fresh in my mind, but time has already passed by this much. I worried a lot before making a decision like this, and though I'm disappointed to make this decision, I've put my sincere thought into it so I hope you're not too saddened by this goodbye. I think I was able to shine so much because of the love I received from Twinkle. The stages I stood on with my unnies! I won't ever forget the Twinkle who made those performances shine even more. I'll probably really miss it when I think back on those days. I'll keep each of those moments in my heart.
To the Stellar unnies I love! Continue to cheer me on, and I'll continue to cheer on my members. It's my time to cheer on Twinkle as well. It's the end for me as Stellar, but I'll do my best to meet you all with a better image. Don't be too disappointed, and let's keep each other in our hearts until we meet again.
Twinkle! Thank you so much, and I love you all. I won't forget the love you gave me, and I'll become a Yul who works hard. Always be healthy and happy.
I love you, Twinkle <3"
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