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If K-celebs were MARVEL/DC superheroes

1. The Joker- Shin Ha Kyun
We start off with a villain, not a superhero. If you want to play the Joker, you need to be able to put up with his wild, unpredictable mood swings. Only an excellent actor to portray such a divisive, complicated character -- like Shin Ha Kyun. As depicted in this video below, Shin Ha Kyun can switch instantaneously from a bubbly, charming character to a villainous, psychopathic one.

2. Superman- So Ji Sub
From his tall and strong build to his facial bone structure, So Ji Sub almost seems a mirrored image of Henry Cavill, who portrayed Superman in "Man of Steel."
3. Spiderman- Yoo Ah In
When he's not in costume and is just Peter Parker, Spiderman seems to be just an average teenager. Yoo Ah In strikes the perfect balance between youthfulness and charisma to depict both identities. DIsclaimer: Yoo Ah In is well past his teenage years -- now 30 years old -- but he can still slide with his boyish looks!
4. Black Widow- Kim Ok Bin
The Black Widow is a spy and assassin and there's arguably no better fit for this role than Kim Ok Bin. In her most recent film, "Villainess," the actress depicted a badass assassin who was trained to become a killing machine since childhood. She absolutely slays in the action-packed film-- she did more than 90 percent of her action scenes herself, without the aid of a stuntman. She even got a standing ovation for her performance at the 70th Cannes International Film Festival!
5. Wolverine- Lee Byung Hyun
Lee Byung Hun boasts a wide range of action, thriller movies and has even begun to make his mark in Hollywood. You saw his amazing moves as Storm Shadow in the G.I. Joe series - he would be the perfect Korean Wolverine.
6. Harley Quinn- Chun Woo Hee
Chun Woo Hee unleashed her inner demon in the Korean box office hit "Sunny," portraying a troubled, rebellious teenager. Harley Quinn is just what you'd expect of Joker's lover -- at one moment, she's bubbly, but she'll suddenly do a 180-spin into her villainous other self. Chun Woo Hee would slay the role.
7. Batman- Jung Woo Sung
Jung Woo Sung has displayed his charisma in action-packed productions like the drama "Athena: Goddess of War" and movies like "Reign of Assassins" and "The Good, the Bad, the Weird." And he'd be a perfect match in portraying the Batman's dark and serious image.
8. Iron Man- Cha Seung Won
Cha Seung Won can be a jokester -- if you recall his comical character in the popular K-drama "The Greatest Love." But he's also the epitome of charisma. The combination makes him a perfect candidate for this role of Billionaire Playboy Tony Stark and Iron Man.
9. Lee Honey- Wonder Woman
Per DC Comics, Wonder Woman has the "full package of beauty, brains, and brawn." And the one actress that meets all these requirements and beyond is no other than Lee Honey. The 2006 Miss Korea contestant is a graduate of Korea's top university, Seoul University. She also represented Korea at the 2007 Miss Universe pageant in Mexico City, placing third! The actress stays on top of her health -- she's a vegetarian and a third-degree black belt. She even scuba dives and skis. Having someone as beautiful and well-rounded as Lee Honey play Wonder Woman would set a true example for female empowerment, which is what the female heroine symbolizes.
10. Hulk - Ma Dong Seok
Ma Dong Seok did not need any gamma radiation to contaminate his cells in order to get his brolic build. The former bodybuilder and fitness coach for professional MMA stars could pull off the look of the Incredible Hulk, even without the computer graphics!
11. Lee Hyori- Cat Woman
Lee Hyori is a sexy diva just like Cat Woman. She would look great in a tight one-piece outfit and her fierce attitude would be perfect for the role.

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