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FIESTAR's Cao Lu opens up about life after the entertainment industry

By beansss   Friday, August 18, 2017   28,584   1,350   65



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The next celebrity to give the profession of food truck owner a shot on 'Baek Jong Won's Food Truck' is FIESTAR's Cao Lu!

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On the August 18 broadcast, Cao Lu held a meeting with the show's staff before her food truck challenge began. When asked what led her to an interest in the food industry, Cao Lu answered honestly, "So I can provide and earn a living for myself... Honestly, besides being a celebrity, I don't know how to do anything else. I'm telling the truth. If I were to become employed in a company, I don't even know how to type well on a keyboard."

She continued, "The career of a celebrity is unstable... my contract with my company ends next year. I think to myself, 'What will I do when my contract ends next year?' I feel like I might need to try to open up a store, and prepare for different scenarios... My current earnings are 0. It's been that way for 6 years. Even now, I have no earnings."

Cao Lu described about her worries for the year to come, "I really have no idea how things will go next year. Last year, I was very busy. But I knew, that such a busy time would be fleeting, that I would not be so busy for an entire lifetime... Even on variety shows, if my image becomes all used up, they don't call on me anymore. I know this. So I'm constantly thinking about what I should do when I'm not busy, and since I don't know how to do anything, I need to sell food... To me, the meaning of 'making a living' and the meaning of 'survival' are very different."

Stay tuned to see how Cao Lu does with her food truck challenge on next week's 'Baek Jong Won's Food Truck'!

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