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Posted by AllK_Maknae Tuesday, August 8, 2017

2017's Most Controversial Topics So Far

1. T.O.P's Drug Scandal
Without a doubt, T.O.P's drug scandal was THE BIGGEST scandal and controversy of 2017. It struck a chord with media and fans everywhere. T.O.P lost various endorsement deals, his right to serve as a conscripted policemen in the military (as well as all future celebrities due to his scandal), and even lost respect from artists, media members, and fans.

After being prosecuted for smoking marijuana with a trainee, T.O.P even overdosed on anxiety medication. He was sentenced to two years of probation and must serve 10-month in prison if he violates it. Big Bang has its fair-share of scandals over the years but each time they have overcome. I believe this will also happen if T.O.P can stay clean for the remainder of his military enlistment.
2. Movie Director's Assault
An actress had filed a lawsuit with the Seoul Central Prosecutor's Office against the film director Kim Ki Duk for slapping her on set and demanding that she film a 'sex scene' that was not initially included in the script. The actress was first cast for the lead female role in Kim Ki Duk's 2013 film 'Moebius', but due to Kim Ki Duk's mistreatment, she chose to halt her participation in the film, and a different actress was cast for the role. The claims are still under investigation and other actors on the set appear to be backing up her claims.
3. Ga In & Hara's Instagram Posts
Ever since T.O.P's big drug scandal involving marijuana, it seems more idols are getting involved with similar situations. Brown Eyed Girl member Ga In had aired some dirty laundry to the public that her ex-boyfriend's close friend offered her the drug, which she refused and then posted the chat information with a long letter against drugs on her personal Instagram.

Singer Hara also posted on her Instagram a picture of what some thought was a marijuana joint (or a hand-rolled cigarette) which caused concern among friends as to what she was doing. She deleted the post 5 minutes after posting it.
4. Blackface
When the members of A Pink were re-enacting the characters from a popular Korea kids television program 'Dooly' on SNL Korea, A Pink's Bomi was under fire for utilizing black face to represent the Korean character Michol. Fans are still surprised these acts are happening in 2017. Some of the comments read, "I can't believe Bomi just did blackface...", "What are you doing Bomi, A Pink doing blackface now", and "SNL will never learn...this offends and ridicules a group of people."
5. Uee & Kangnam
UEE & Kangnam were involved in a huge dating rumor, which even caused them and their agencies to consistently deny them until video proof was released of the two secretly meeting. 'Section TV' revealed that UEE's drama staff had said, "On the day UEE's scandal broke out, she was uncharacteristically incredibly anxious. She said, 'Dating scandal articles are so stressful. I'm so scared'."

The two recently broke up due to the pressure from the public eye. Kangnam also recently lost a significant amount of weight which has left fans worried about his well-being.
6. Iron's Assault Sentence
Rapper Iron shocked us all when reports came in about him beating his girlfriend. According to the Seoul Central Police, Iron beat his girlfriend because she wasn't listening to him, causing fractures. Prosecutors said last September, while Iron and girlfriend 'A' were having sex, 'A' refused Iron's demands. He beat her face with his fists in anger.

About fifteen days afterward, 'A' decided to break up with Iron. He then choked and beat her, causing injuries and fracturing her left pinky. He then threatened her by stabbing himself with a kitchen tool and then telling her that if she called the police, he would tell them she stabbed him. Iron was found guilty on July 20th. He was sentenced to 2 years of probation and 80 hours of community service, with 8 months of prison time if probation is broken.

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