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Netizens are afraid the mullet hairstyle is becoming a trend due to idols

They say fashion goes round in circles. Some come back to be a fashionable look once again while some make us go, ''WHY?!''The mullet hairstyle that has been quite popular among male idols lately is an example of the latter.

First, it was G-Dragon. The fashionista appeared with a mullet at his solo concert.

Block B's Zicowas also captured with the mullet cut at an airport.

Song Min Howas forced to shave his head after losing a ping-pong bet on 'New Journey to the West 4' but he begged to keep his hair on the backside, which left him with a mullet. Before the broadcast when fans had no knowledge about his forced haircut, they all asked Min Ho, ''WTF did you do to your hair?!"

Not an idol star but model-actor Nam Joo Hyukchose a mullet hairstyle for his role in 'Bride of the Water God'. Out of all the handsome looks, why? WHY! asked netizens.

DEANhas also joined the infamous trend.

As well as VIXX's N.

And most recently, Baekhyunwas spotted rocking a mullet cut with red highlights in EXO's comeback teaser.

Netizens agree that all the stars named above look quite handsome even with the ''ugly'' hairstyle but they just hope the trend stops here and non-celebrities don't take an attempt at a mullet cut because "it's their visuals that saved the look."

Mullet hairstyle back in trend, yay or nay?

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