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KARD drop a special performance clip of 'Rumor' for hitting 5 million views on 'Secret KARD'!

By beansss   Saturday, June 24, 2017   19,838   4,979   0



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KARD x Mnet's online platform 'M2' have dropped a special performance clip of "Rumor", to thank fans for 'Secret KARD' hitting 5 million views!

'Secret KARD' is a mini, online reality series capturing behind the scenes content during KARD's 1st global tour! The first 5 episodes were revealed this week, with more episodes coming in July! The performance clip features the KARD members dancing on a windy beach, making for a great view with a great song and moves. 

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taeminntie Saturday, June 24, 2017

Can't wait for these guys to finally debut! <3 I hope Korea takes to their music style

BigBlueagain Saturday, June 24, 2017

Love, love, love, LOVE these guys. I cannot wait for them to "officially" debut and promote. My only fear is that Korea isn't going to realize or appreciate what they have in this group.

latam_kpop BigBlueagain Saturday, June 24, 2017

For the Korean Music standard and also for the american (USA) music standard these rhythm is something new and refreshing, coming from a Latino culture this type of music is really popular (unfortunately the lyrics putted of the songs, well, let's say that a 3 year old could write a more meaningful less sexual lyric xD) if DSP manage them well they will find a very big market on the US and Latin market, I mean, they already gain popularity in the US and Brazil, and among all the rest of latin america they are gaining huge fame. The 4 mixed so well and the music is so freaking awesome that there is no doubt K.A.R.D will gain a big name, so lest hope that their motherland doesn't sleep on them

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