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'Crime Scene 3' members explore a spooky mansion for their next case

On the June 23 broadcast of JTBC's 'Crime Scene 3', the members went on an investigation inside a spooky mansion for their next case involving the death of mystery writer Jang Se Min.

[SPOILERS AHEAD] During the briefing, Park Ji Yoon, who played the role of Jang Se Min's secretary, suspected he had died from an electrocution. After examining a towel containing salt residue, she claimed that someone had used the combination of salt, water, and his racing toy car to lure him in.

Soon, the members began to point out one another's presumptions. Jang Jin pointed at Yang Se Hyung as the culprit due to his similar lifestyle as the protagonist depicted in the mystery novel. During the inspection, Jang Jin noticed that the toy car had hints of salt on it, causing him to become suspicious even further.

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Meanwhile, Park Ji Yoon looked through the deceased author's safety box and found a will which stated all his possessions were to be given to A Pink's Eunji. Later, Hong Jin Ho was revealed to be Jang Se Min's lawyer, leading to more dramatic incidents.

Toward the end, Hong Jin Ho received the most points with 4 in total, while Yang Se Hyung was the runner-up with three points. It was revealed that the lawyer had murdered his friend in order to obtain his wealth after avenging him.

Watch how the members discover hidden doorways and secret passages as they search for clues!

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